Coravin, the renowned global wine technology company, is making waves in the wine industry once again. A decade after revolutionizing wine consumption with its innovative preservation system, the company is now introducing the Coravin Vinitas™, a game-changing device set to transform the way businesses engage with customers. Scheduled to debut at Vinexpo Asia 2023, this cutting-edge device is tailored specifically for wineries, distributors, retailers, and wine schools, allowing them to fractionate standard-sized bottles into preserved single serves on-demand, satisfying the growing consumer demand for “trying before buying.”*

The Coravin Vinitas™, touted as the world’s smallest bottle line, is a compact device capable of producing approximately 90 samples per hour. This revolutionary two-component system comprises the proprietary Vinitas™ device and sample bottles containing 100ml of wine. The Vinitas™ device facilitates the transfer of wine or spirits from a source container to the sample bottles, all while ensuring the wine remains untainted by exposure to air. These sample bottles, crafted from recyclable materials and incorporating Enoloq™ technology, are designed with a novel bottle design featuring a septum and liner.

One of the key advantages of the Coravin Vinitas™ is its ability to address the needs of wine businesses in providing preserved samples to customers. By fractionating wines in a controlled and oxygen-free environment, the device not only meets the growing industry demand for consumer sampling but also minimizes carbon footprint and shipping expenses. Traditional practices such as rebottling and sending full-sized bottles for trade sampling become redundant with the introduction of this groundbreaking device.

The Coravin Vinitas™ caters to a wide range of wine industry sectors, offering versatile solutions tailored to specific needs. For businesses looking to expand their customer reach while managing trade sampling budgets, the device presents an ideal solution. Wine schools can enhance their educational programs by offering students the opportunity to taste exclusive wines from renowned producers without the need to purchase multiple full-sized bottles. Retailers and e-commerce platforms can entice younger audiences by providing sample kits and single-serve bottles, enabling consumers to explore and discover new wines at their convenience. Moreover, the Coravin Vinitas™ facilitates engaging virtual tastings, allowing businesses to interact with customers and wine club members remotely. Wine clubs can also attract new members by offering mailing list subscribers a kit with samples of the latest wine offerings.

Prior to its official release, the Coravin team conducted rigorous testing of the Coravin Vinitas™ fractionalization device in collaboration with wineries, retailers, and wine schools worldwide. In-house tests and evaluations carried out by third-party labs confirmed the device’s exceptional performance, with consistent preservation of wine for up to 12 months in each sample bottle. This ensures that the wine maintains its quality and integrity throughout the preservation period.

Enthusiasm is running high as the Coravin Vinitas™ is now available in Singapore, with trade and industry personnel eagerly exploring its potential. For wine businesses seeking to revolutionize their operations and deliver enhanced customer experiences, a live demo or further information can be obtained by visiting the official website at

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