Agora, Inc., a leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, has announced two new audio solutions that offer a more dynamic and high-quality audio experience for remote communications and real-time digital experiences. The solutions are designed to help individuals and businesses achieve clear, high-quality audio communication and enhance their overall digital experience.

The first solution, AI Noise Suppression, removes background noise such as typing, pets, kids, coughing, or room echo from meetings, leaving only the human voice and ensuring distraction-free communication. As hybrid working has become more common, the need for good acoustical background conditions to support clear, high-quality and effective communications in a remote audio or video setting has become increasingly important. Audio experiences such as background noise, echo, and sound reverberation being transmitted into meetings can cause unwanted disruptions and distractions. Agora’s AI Noise Suppression uses deep-learning models to recognize human speech, analyze the audio feed, and filter out any background noises, resulting in crystal-clear audio output. The solution includes noise reduction capabilities, echo and reverberation removal, low latency, cross-platform support, and global scalability.

The second solution, 3D Spatial Audio, allows developers to add immersive, dynamic audio into real-time digital experiences. Agora’s 3D Spatial Audio delivers theater-like effects to video, voice, and streaming products by making it seem as if the sound originates from all around the user. Developers can create an environment that enables users to experience changes in the distance, position, and orientation of other users in real-time, providing the highest fidelity of 3D audio, supporting 48 kHz full-band sampling. This solution can be applied to livecasting to create a more personal environment, enrich the digital learning experience, make meetings and conference calls more effective, and make music streaming more immersive.

Both solutions are low latency, low power consumption, and supported across all commonly used platforms such as Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Unity, Flutter, React Native, and Electron. These solutions can help businesses and individuals to achieve clear and immersive communication experiences, which can enhance productivity and engagement.

“At Agora, we ensure sound quality as a foundational element of our technology, products, and services support communications, whether it be a work video call, virtual education, or playing games with friends. Audio is at the core of any digital experience, and with AI Noise Suppression and 3D Spatial Audio, customers can easily remove background noise from their applications and create more focused, immersive experiences for their users.”

Patrick Ferriter, Vice President of Product at Agora.
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