, a new online platform in Southeast Asia’s bustling real estate scene, has launched a zero percent sales commission offering for homeowners selling their property.

The platform leverages geospatial data and advanced tools to provide a wealth of accurate data, empowering homeowners and enabling smarter buying and selling decisions. Its 3D map provides detailed analyses of the latest property transactions in the area, nearest amenities, and environment data, such as the amount of sunlight a unit receives. The service saves homeowners time and money, and reduces the industry’s carbon footprint.

“Until now, homeowners have not been able to access rich points of data that truly determine the value of their apartment or home. Thus, they had to rely on third parties to help them. By using’s technologies, homeowners can now wield property data to set optimal prices that the market will readily accept. And instead of browsing many property listings, homeowners can now study property values in a 3D map that provides a deeper understanding of the location. Home sellers and buyers have been constantly looking to lower their transaction costs and we are here to make it happen.”

CEO and founder of, Gerald Sim’s DataSuite aggregates past property transactions to provide in-depth search results, and its “M Value” automated valuation model analyses multiple property values, historical transactions, and environmental factors to provide a pricing estimate.

The platform also offers a property concierge service that connects customers with a real estate agent from a partnered agency for a fixed price of $150.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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