Toyota has revealed three new car models at the highly anticipated Singapore Motorshow 2023. Held from 12 to 15 January at Suntec Singapore, Toyota is unveiling its fresh fleet of vehicles – Corolla Cross, GR86 alongside the first public-preview of the bZ4X.

Designed with purpose and driver needs in mind, each of the three models are world-class vehicles that would cater to the different types of audiences and their needs. Landing in Singapore, the new vehicles boast elevated and evolved design features and specifications to meet the expectations of its new customers.

“A brand with an incredibly rich heritage, Toyota has always put its customer’s priorities at the centre of its innovations to better provide the best driving experience. As the Singapore Motorshow returns, we are excited to showcase our newest models in Singapore that speak to those needs. With the diverse specifications and carefully curated design models available, there will be a Toyota suitable for everyone,” said Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Greater China and Singapore. Here are the three new models:

Versatile and family-friendly SUV: Corolla Cross

As the world’s best seller, fans of the Corolla line can look forward to the new Corolla Cross. It will complete the range of the Corolla line with an SUV now as part of the family. It will be the first model to use Toyota’s fifth generation self-charging hybrid electric system, which will deliver more power and greater driving pleasure with higher fuel and emissions efficiency. As the newest SUV, Corolla Cross is furnished with a quality interior and distinctive exterior, accommodating to different customers’ lifestyles and activities, giving it a distinct refined urban edge.

With an interior design focused on practicality and spaciousness, Corolla Cross is suitable for drivers looking for everyday functionality, while maintaining a sense of style and comfort. The front seats have a curved backing to provide more knee room to reach in and attend to a young child, contributing to the functionality especially for families. With a spacious and easily accessible boot that can be electrically operated, drivers are able to utilise the space with groceries, strollers and other items that would require more room than a typical car boot.

Building on family safety and practicality, it also demonstrates the increasing breadth of safety and driver assistance provided by enhanced safety features and tools. From greater accident risk detection and active safety functions provided by the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS), this will help when customers are driving or parking. The all-new Corolla Cross provides a holistic experience for drivers with its small turning radius – allowing greater control and adaptability of the car in different road situations, silent and smooth rides and comprehensive passive safety features in the unlikely event of an impact.

The Revival of the Ultimate Racing Machine: GR86

To continue delivering the excitement, thrill and joy of driving sports cars here in Singapore, the brand has launched GR86. Designed with the focus on delivering the unique driving feel of a Gazoo Racing vehicle, GR86 provides the instinctive responsiveness that gives an outstanding driving feel that is both direct and satisfying. The new GR86 boasts an evolutionary new Boxer engine, equipped with D-4S. Together with a lightweight, compact engine with a low centre of gravity,the GR86 increases its displacement size from 2.0 to 2.4L, allowing the engine to generate more power and speed. This will allow the car to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.3s.

Adding on, the driving and handling performance of the GR86 is further optimised by an emphasis of aerodynamic structures and parts such as air outlets, side sillspoilers and other parts that would further enhance steering responsiveness and stability. This, together with the wide use of aluminium throughout the body structure provides a lower centre of gravity and overall lighter weight for the GR86 – making the car a step-up in terms of agility. This will allow users to experience a real sense of speed when accelerating while being one with GR86.

Toyota’s First Electrified Vehicle: bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X is the first model of the Toyota’s bZ series that demonstrates the brand’s new take on sport utility SUV that emphasises on redefining the driver experience and better sustainability. Lookingtowardsthefuture,electrificationisthewaytogo,andtheintroduction of bZ4X in Singapore is just the beginning for Toyota. As the brand recognises the importance of electrified vehicles, Toyota will continue to introduce new models to complete the line-up, with bZ4X as a start. The bz4X is a positive step in the brand’s electrification journey and towards creating a better future for all. It will be the first Toyota model to adopt a BEV-dedicated platform based on the e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) philosophy – in order to achieve impressive driving performance through a low centre of gravity and greater rigidity.

The all-new electric SUV offers sharp design, spacious packaging and authentic SUV performance. Debuting a new front-wheel drive system that uses individual electric motors on the front and rear axles provides users with more control and responsiveness when driving. Comfort remains a key factor in a Toyota car, with the bz4X offering a low instrument panel and large panoramic roof to create a liberating sensation. Championing the key focus of safety and performance, an omni-directional crash-response structure was applied to protect passengers, batteries, and the other vehicles. The BEV unit compartment is fitted with a cross framework firmly connecting left and right front-side members to boost collision energy absorption in the unlikely event of an accident. The bz4X also adopted a structure that distributes input load over multiple routes in a collision to stabilise and protect the cabin and battery pack in frontal or side collisions. This would assure a stronger sense of assurance and safety for users. The new bZ4X will be available for short-term lease at the new eco-town of Tengah in 2023.

Customers will be able to view the three cars at the Singapore Motorshow 2023 from 12 to 15 January at Suntec Singapore. You may also find out more about the respe

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