Recruitment tech startup GRIT launches online scouting programme with rewards for referrals

DeGate DAO partners GRIT to look for tech talents in crypto economy

In an effort to scale hiring and acquire quality talent, DeGate DAO has partnered with Singapore-based HR tech firm GRIT. The partnership leverages on GRIT’s solutions, mainly GRIT Scouts, a referral programme, to tap into a network of eligible tech talent. The referral programme comes with a high bounty of up to US$10,000 per successful hire. 

Crypto players look to scale up in market surge 

In recent years, global interest in crypto and crypto-powered economy has surged dramatically. Crypto exchanges, decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms and applications built on blockchains have attracted not only the interest of users, but also professionals who are keen to join the space and build the future of finance. 

Despite the significant rise and developments in the crypto space, projects are facing challenges when it comes to hiring the right candidates. The war for tech talent has been long standing as tech giants scale up and new startups enter the space, creating a jarring shortage of talent around the globe – estimated to be around 40 million skilled workers. 

As crypto takes off, countries like Singapore, known for being a financial epicenter in the region, have voiced their aspirations to be a global crypto hub. Central and Southeast Asia (CSAO) is now the fourth largest crypto economy in the world. To capitalize on the burgeoning crypto innovations and interest in the region, DeGate DAO – a leading voice of L2 with ambition to becomes the largest DEX(Decentralised Exchange) in the De-Fi (Decentralised Finance) space, has set its sights to attract, acquire and retain the best skilled talent available. 

“The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is rapidly growing and the Web 3.0 revolution is impending. We welcome the most talented individuals to join our team, as we seek to forward the industry and new ways of working through a DAO. We are offering attractive referral bounty programs, to recognise the efforts made by our community in helping our talent building efforts! This is literally new ways of taking action in recruitment,” shares Jackson, Talent Solutions, DeGate

Talent as a driver for economic growth

As talent acquisition becomes a priority for high-achieving organizations, it is pivotal to unearth the best talent that might not be readily available.To support discovering the best talent in Singapore and the region, GRIT launched their referral program, GRIT Scouts, earlier this year. The program is built on the concept of talent referrals, using professional networks as a quality resource for finding the right candidates. 

DeGate DAO has identified with this novel idea and decided to partner up with Grit to up the ante, with bounties set for up to US$10,000 for roles they are advertising for, leveraging on Grit’s network to support their talent agendas. . 

The partnership welcomes anyone to tap into their network of skilled professionals to recommend individuals for suitable roles, and GRIT will oversee the processes such as vetting and candidate scheduling to ensure that the best profiles reach the DeGate. 

“The competition to hire the best has already been increasing drastically especially in the competitive industries with the likes of Crypto space. We see the bounty programme align with our talent first mindset and we expect to see more companies willing to go extra miles to attract the right talent,” shares Paul Endacott, Group CEO, GRIT

What is a DAO 

Can you imagine a way of organizing with other people around the world, without knowing each other and establishing your own rules, and making your own decisions autonomously all encoded on a Blockchain? DAOs are making this possible. 

DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) allows people to not only exchange values in a trusted environment but also organize themselves in a safe and effective way to work with like-minded people around the world. It is achievable as DAO works as an organization represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization members, and not influenced by a central government, hence removing any bureaucracy or hierarchy hurdles. 

Due to the explosion of Dentralized Finance (DeFi) during 2020, DAOs’ interest has been renewed and they are now being used for investment, charity, fundraising, borrowing, or buying NFTs, all without intermediaries. So you can have a better idea, for example, PleasrDAO members collectively decided to buy the Wu-Tang Clan album. After doing so, they created an NFT to represent a deed of ownership to the album. The members of PleasrDAO co-own the NFT deed, and in turn, share ownership of the album. 

Despite the growing popularity, DAOs have a long way to go before reaching full mainstream adoption. There are plenty of challenges and unknowns ahead but despite the unknowns, the crypto community does think that DAOs will be disruptive to traditional structures of business and as well as the labour workforce we know today. 

“The concept of DAO is driven by member-owned communities without centralised leadership. To support the growth of Degate DAO, it is essential that we embrace the concept of online collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome, to uncover the best possible talents in the world through our communities,” says Kristen Lim, Regional Account Manager, GRIT. 

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