Recruitment tech startup GRIT launches online scouting programme with rewards for referrals

GRIT partners with Startup-O as recruitment partner for high-quality talent for fast growing tech startups

RIT, a venture backed Singapore-based recruitment technology startup, has announced a partnership with Startup-O, a global venture platform today. GRITwill be Startup-O’s exclusive recruitment partner to help startups and scale-ups source for and pick suitable talent for their expansion in the Asia region. The collaboration seeks to help Startup-O’s portfolio companies & 2000+ startups on its platform by leveraging GRIT’s extensive talent platform and cloud-based searching capabilities to improve both talent acquisition and experience. 

Building a strong foundation for startup success

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, which is why it is crucial for those seeking success to attract and recruit the best. However, for early-stage companies with limited resources and teams, this can be time-consuming and expensive. Most of the time, small business owners end up spending 40% of their working hours on tasks that do not generate any income, including hiring and other HR tasks. With GRIT’s solutions, companies  on Startup-O’s platform will have access to GRIT’s Search, Recruitment-as-a-Service and Talent Platform solutions.. The ability to tap into a high-calibre talent pool will set a strong foundation for growth and expansion. 

Paul Endacott, Founder and CEO at GRIT, “We’re delighted to partner with Startup-O to help the ventures on the platform grow and succeed with their talent needs. I’ve long admired the value that Anuj and Nitin have created through their innovative platform for startups and scale ups and their founder based, values driven approach. This aligns closely with GRIT’s own values and our commitment to talent first as we look to build Asia’s leading platform for digital and technology talent. This is truly exciting as it will provide an opportunity for growing startups to access GRIT’s solutions as we look to help these organisations acquire their most valuable asset – talent.”

Helping startups across Southeast Asia acquire better talent

While the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia is thriving and growing exponentially, a report by Monk Hill Ventures finds that many startup founders agree that hiring the right talent is one of the biggest challenges for building a business. As the region continues to face a tech talent crunch, Startup-O is looking to embark on this collaboration by offering robust integrated solutions to overcome this critical blocker for startups primed for growth. Founders will be able to connect with GRIT, among Startup-O’s extensive network of partners, to scale operations and make better hiring decisions. By utilising GRIT’s platform of curated experienced and diverse talent, startups and scale-ups will be able to gain a competitive edge in the early stages by securing strong teams.

Anuj Jain, Co-Founder and CEO at Startup-O, “Our partnership with Grit creates a new set of capabilities for us to serve the talent gap in the startup universe better. We at Startup-O build great companies together by discovering, investing and scaling into promising tech startups. However, getting the right talent in a timely and affordable manner remains a challenge at these fast growing companies. We are delighted to join hands with Paul and Team Grit, who are not only firmly rooted in the recruitment space with over two decades of experience but their innovative multidimensional platform approach caters to the specific needs of the new age companies for their tech and biz dev talent needs.”

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