Sharp unveils the Plasmacluster™ Ion Technology to reduce airborne coronavirus spread

Sharp unveils the Plasmacluster™ Ion Technology to reduce airborne coronavirus spread

Sharp Singapore has introduced a Plasmacluster™ Ionizer module that will enable indoor venues like offices, malls, and schools to operate safely, by reducing the spread of airborne coronavirus. Plasmacluster Ion’s (PCI) effectiveness against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, has been confirmed in tests conducted by Nagasaki University of Japan. It is a retrofit module that can be installed into existing air conditioners.

How It Works

Inspired by nature, PCI is a unique technology, developed by Sharp. It deactivates airborne viruses & bacteria by breaking down proteins on their surface, through a chemical reaction. PCI splits water molecules from air to release positive hydrogen (H⁺) and negative oxygen (O₂⁻) ions that form clusters to transform into OH radicals. The OH radicals cling to viruses or other pathogens and extract hydrogen (H) from their surface to form moisture (H2O). Extracting hydrogen from the surface of the virus or a pathogen, damages its defence (think of it as puncturing its spacesuit) and neutralizes it. The effectiveness of PCI technology in eliminating pathogens, allergens & VOCs has been tested and proven by more than 30 independent institutions in more than 10 countries.

Safe & Natural

PCI ions are safe. Tests conducted with excessive concentrations show no skin and eye irritation. In fact, the healthy ion concentration helps to create a moisturizing effect. The positive and negative ions are the same as those generated in nature by a waterfall. Besides sanitizing the air, PCI creates a feeling of freshness and relaxation for people, in their urban environment.

Easy to Fit into Existing Systems

The retrofit PCI modules make it easy to upgrade existing commercial air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. These can be installed in the ducts of existing air conditioners by regular aircon maintenance teams. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can spread through fine droplets released during respiration. The 0.1micron (ten thousand times smaller than a millimetre) virus particle can evade filtration systems & remain harmful in the air for hours. Besides eliminating airborne pathogens, this upgrade also enables the aircons to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC), unpleasant odours and static charge, making the air safe & pleasant.

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