SHARP Premieres New Refrigerator Models for 2021

SHARP Premieres New Refrigerator Models for 2021

Always at the forefront of innovation, SHARP is proud to unveil new refrigerator models to help keep you and your family in tip top health and shape. Each of the models come with a host of SHARP’s latest innovations for the freshest foods so you and your family are always well taken care of.

Three new Grand Top fridge models make their debut, each powered by SHARP’s J-Tech Inverter which uses a 36-step controlled compressor that operates at a more precise temperature according to the usage, helping to reduce wastage of energy and save on energy consumption. SHARP’s unique Plasmacluster™ Technology has been proven to eliminate 99% airborne bacteria and 97% airborne mould in the refrigerator. The result is clean refrigeration and freezing for uncompromised fresh foods.

The fridges come with a Mega Freezer, where the freezer space is larger than usual fridges. With this additional space, users can store large containers and bulk purchases, allowing users to stock up on fresh frozen food with a peace of mind.

The models also run on a Hybrid Cooling System incorporates two methods of cooling – the aluminium plate at the rear of the refrigerator compartment is cooled to approximately 0 degree celsius, and chilled air is spread throughout the compartment to keep food fresh. The Hybrid cooling system helps prevent excessive dryness, uneven cooling and over cooling.

Equipped with Ag Nano-Deodoriser filters, the deodorizers in the fridge minimizes odours by reducing bacteria and breaking down molecules that create smells to keep unwanted smells at bay.

All models boast convenient External Touch Control Panels so you can easily control and regulate your settings with a simple touch. You can control temperature, switch modes according to your preference and monitor water levels and its self-cleaning mode from the outside without opening the refrigerator door to prevent temperature fluctuation. Intelligent Mode Indicators – Plasmacluster Mode, Eco Mode, or Temperature Increase – light up stylishly on the glossy surface of the refrigerators, available in two colours: Black or Dark Silver.

Finally, keep foods fresh for longer with the Extra Cool mode as well as the Express Freezing/Cooling modes. Worry not about leaving the door open either as all models are equipped with door alarms for peace of mind.

The new PG Series comes in three models, in 2 colours each – SJ-PG60P2 BK/DS, SJ-PG55P2 BK/DS and SJ-PG51P2 BK/DS and are priced at S$1,599, S$1,499 and S$1,399 respectively and available at major electronics retailers and online stores.

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