SHARP’s New Front Load 2-in-1 Washer Dryer Features Dry AirWash Function to Clean Soft Toys, Cushions, Duvets and more

SHARP’s New Front Load 2-in-1 Washer Dryer Features Dry AirWash Function to Clean Soft Toys, Cushions, Duvets and more

SHARP premieres a front-load 2-in-1 washer-dryer with Plasmacluster™ Technology, ES-FW105D7PS, the first in its range to meet the Singapore market. Powered by Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter which helps to save energy and SHARP’s patented Plasmacluster™ technology that actively removes bacteria, mold and odors. It also washes and dries in 15 different programs from Cotton and Eco to Dry AirWash and Allergy considerations. The Dry AirWash feature is unique to this washer-dryer, allowing it to clean items that are hard to clean on a day-to-day basis such as soft toys, hats and more with Plasmacluster™ Ions. On top of that, SHARP’s Steam Care ensures 99.9% removal of allergens and germs for thorough cleaning of all your family’s needs.

Designed in Japan, theES-FW105D7PS front-loading washer-dryer won the iF Design Award 2021 with the design concept of bringing cleanliness, peace of mind, and comfort to people’s lives.

Thorough and Effortless Cleaning

The new washer-dryer continues to be powered by SHARP’s J-Tech Inverter that promises greater energy savings and quiet operation. With the J-Tech Inverter, Sharp’s revolutionary tub provide enables fine and efficient control of rotation speed. It drastically improving energy consumption and save energy up to 47%.

What is Plasmacluster™ Technology and Steam Care?

Like most of SHARP’s best-sellers, this washer-dryer is equipped with SHARP’s original Plasmacluster™ Technology which actively removes bacteria, mould and odour during drying and Dry Airwash programs. Users can also activate the Drum Clean program which prevents growth of mould in the machine. Steam Care is able to eliminate 99% of Allergen and germ removal, ensuring a clean and hygienic wash.

15 Programs For Targeted Washing

It cleans and dries in 15 different programmes – Cotton, Eco, Rinse+Spin, Spin, Super Quick, Wash & Dry 60’, Wash & Dry, Dry, Dry AirWash, Hygiene, Allergy, Intensice, Bedding, Wool and Drum Clean.

The Dry AirWash feature is unique to Sharp’s new washer-dryer, users will be glad to know that this allows for cleaning of hard-to-wash items such as soft toys, bedding and thick clothing through the usage of Plasmacluster™ Ions to eliminate bacteria and deodorizing them.

Ease of Operation

Operating it is equally as sophisticated, controlled by means of an Intuitive Control Panel that displays information in High Display Visibility. At a touch of the screen, be assured that your family’s cleaning needs are all well taken care of. Child Lock is also included for increased safety for use in homes with young children.

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