Introducing the Samsung FlexWash


At the Samsung SEA Forum 2017, Samsung introduced a 3.5kg top-load and 21kg front-load washing machine cum dryer that will definitely meet the needs of families with different washing patterns.

Named the Samsung FlexWash, this washer-dryer model is out to cure the common problems that homeowners fret most of the time when washing their clothes. The 21kg front-load is a dream come true for many families because you can practically wash your clothes, your curtains, your bed sheets and your sofa covers without worrying that it will be overloaded. Don’t forget, it also has a 3.5kg top load for you to wash smaller items or more delicate items that require separation from your main load.


Here’s a suggestion.

Wash your apparels that are not dryer-friendly on the top-load and leave the rest in your front-load to wash and dry at the same time. Oh yes. You can do all the cleaning at the same time or separately. It’s all up to your personal preference.

Samsung loaded many of its laundry technologies such as the AirWash, which is perfect to refresh heat-sensitive clothing with air, EcoBubble that uses air and water to dissolve detergent, creating powerful bubble action cleaning that is 40 times more effective into the FlexWash.

The washing monster also has the Bubble Soak technology that soaks clothes with active bubbles (after washing) for another round of thorough cleaning. Not to mention, the FlexWash is also integrated with the Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT). Dryer users can definitely relate to noisy and loud vibrations when using a dryer. With the VRT, the noises and vibrations will be reduced. Yay?

What’s even cooler?

The FlexWash is IoT-enabled. This means that you can easily control your washing machine with the Samsung Smart Home App. You can start, stop and monitor every washing cycle anytime and anywhere you are.

The downside to the FlexWash

Make sure that you are ready before you read on.


The FlexWash is not coming to Singapore.

We are sorry.

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