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LG is set to unveil its next flagship smartphone, G6 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month and the latest news we have is that it will look very different from its predecessors, not just the external looks, but the UX too.

The LG G6 will have a new interface as it will feature its latest mobile UX 6.0. According to LG’s press release, the new UX is designed specifically “to maximise its advantages of the device’s expansive FullVision® display.”

Here’s the UX Teaser Video released by LG

Here are the confirmed specifications

  • 5.7-inch Quad HD FullVision® display
  • 2,880 x 1440 (18:9 screen aspect ratio) – almost bezel-less
  • New GUI that allows multitasking – opening two square windows side by side
  • Enhanced Camera UX
    • Newly added Square Camera feature divides the screen into two perfect squares for Instagram-friendly photos. One square is for shooting and the other is for reviewing.
    • New Shooting Mode – Food Mode – delivers high colour quality and saturated images ideal for food photos
    • GIF – users can combine 2 to 100 images in a loop to create GIF files

Sadly, these are all that LG has confirmed for now. It seems like their focus this year is on it’s 18:9 screen aspect ratio and new UX. This leaves us wondering what else can the screen do. If these are the only two selling points for this year, will we expect a bad year again for LG Mobile?

Anyway, let us wait till MWC 2017 to make the judgement.

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