Review of Targus 15” Newport Ultra Slim Backpack

Most tech backpacks in the market are quite bulky, which is great for putting in lots of stuff. However, they might not be so great for people who prefer a more minimalistic and compact backpack. If what I wrote fits the descriptions of your ideal backpack, you are in luck because the Targus 15” Newport Ultra Slim Backpack might be just what you are looking for.

Measurement and material

The Targus 15” Newport Ultra Slim Backpack is a 12-litre bag, which measures at 28.5 cm (width) x 39.5 cm (height) x 8.3 cm (depth). It should fit most of your daily work essentials. It weighs at 560 gram, which is a delight to me because if a bag is already heavy to carry, imagine the weight after you fit in all your stuff.

In the material department, the backpack is made up of high-density water repellent twill nylon. This helps to keep water spills and rain away from soaking your everyday carry (edc). Point to note, it’s water repellent so do not assume that it will be fine under heavy rain.

Another core material that makes up part of the Newport Ultra Slim Backpack is leatherette. It’s not real leather but made of synthetic material. It can resist tear and punctures. But don’t go abusing it on purpose!

The shoulder straps are made of nylon, which is soft and flexible, making it easy for you to manoeuvre. The only issue I have is the comfort of carrying for a long period as compared to straps with ample padding. Good thing is that the backpack also operates like a tote bag so, it should take some stress off the shoulders.


The Newport Ultra Slim Backpack has several useful compartments to help you organise your smaller edc.

Aside from the laptop compartment, there are also two pockets for your A5 size notebooks or power bank. In between the pockets are two pen slots because we can never have enough pens. True story.

There are also three zippered pockets – one on the inside, one at the front of the bag and the other is a smaller hidden back panel pocket located at the back.

The bigger zippered pockets should be able to fit a tablet, your keys, wallet, etc. with no problem. As for the hidden back panel pocket, you can slot in a small edc that is important and private that you do not want anyone to obtain. This is especially important when you travel.

Ways of carrying

The Newport Ultra Slim Backpack can be carried in two ways. The first is to carry it over your shoulders and the second is to carry it like a tote bag, very Japanese, very stylish. Simply tuck the two shoulder straps into the designated straps compartment and you are ready to face a crowded transportation. Thoughtfully, the strap compartment has a magnet to keep the straps in tidily.


It has been a while since I last carry a small backpack. It is a reminder to me that I only need only a few essentials for work than the whole suite of tech stuff that I do not use every day. The compartments in the Newport Ultra Slim Backpack fit the bill of bringing only the essentials to the T. I can easily fit in what I need and a little more.

Though the bag is petite in size, I’m surprised to find ample padding at the bottom to cushion any impact that might damage your laptop. This puts my mind at ease when I put my bag on the floor or dropping it accidentally.

The shoulder straps are comfortable but I won’t recommend carrying it for long. Daily commute to and fro work should be no problem.

Buy or bye

I think whether this bag is for you boils down to what you carry with you every day. If you are like me who carries the world of tech often, the Newport Ultra Slim Backpack might be too small for you. But if your daily essentials include a 15-16” laptop, a tablet, a water bottle, a notebook and some small items, it should fit your needs just right with some room to spare.

The Targus 15” Newport Ultra Slim Backpack retails at S$149 and comes in Black and Tan colours. You might be able to get it at a discount come the Lazada 6.6 sale. So stay tuned to it!

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