Hewlett-Packard (HP) has recently showcased the lineup of its latest products for the consumer and the business market. Here’s what the tech giant has up their sleeves.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer 2-in-1

HP Sprocket Photo Printer 2-in-1

Following the success of the first-generation HP Sprocket Photo Printer, HP is launching a newer model, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer 2-in-1.

The most prominent upgrade is that besides being a photo printer, the Sprocket is now also an instant camera.

Just pose, shoot and voila, you have a ready selfie print. With the new upgrade, it will save consumers the hassle of downloading the app, waiting for the Bluetooth connection between the devices and loading the pictures onto the printer.

The new HP Sprocket Photo Printer 2-in-1 is perfect for moments when the other party is rushing off or when they have no interest to download an app they would only use once.

That said, the newly added function does not make the Sprocket app redundant as it still comes with many great features such as printing pictures directly from the Instagram, Facebook and Google accounts, as well as our phone’s photo albums. We could also edit these images with emojis and stickers, or even scan another picture in to add on to the original image.

The special HP Zink paper also acts as a sticker when peeled off. Hence, it gives the users flexibility in where they wish to put their photos. Another exciting thing about the Sprocket is that it is inkless, and the colours on the pictures only appear after they are heated up.

No more worries about running out of ink!

Details of launch
Pricing: S$239. Available after 12 November 2017.

HP Z VR Backpack

HP VR backpack

Account by our correspondent:

I was hooked up to the HP Z Virtual Reality (VR) Backpack, and the next thing I know I was walking on a thin plank, hung right on top of a building. If I’ve made a wrong step, I would have fallen into the abyss.

My heart started pounding hard even when I kept reminding myself that I am on solid ground. My five senses continued to be tricked, and my rational brain had to work overtime to compensate for the irrational fear. How silly, yet how real.

In another scenario, I was submerged deep in the ocean, and the whale threatened to sweep me with its tail. I instinctively ducked. I also saw bioluminescent jellyfish floating right in front of me while I hear myself breathe through the oxygen tank.

All these are possible with the help of the HP Z VR backpack. It is the world’s first professional wearable VR PC, with high-end processing powers and the latest high-fidelity graphics solutions, allowing one the freedom to move around while being fully immersed in the most realistic virtual experience.

HP Z VR Backpack

The commercial usage for VR would include seeing your designs materialise and change at the click of your finger. Your ideal bathroom layout, for example, comes to life right in front of you and the tile colours can change from pearl to peach in a split second.

Available now for S$4,999.

HP Z Workstations

HP Z Workstation_

HP is launching the Z4, Z6 & Z8 workstations which are equipped with monstrous power and the highest level of security to prepare for the future of virtual reality, machine learning and advanced design.

Out of these, the highlight is the HP Z8 G4, claiming to be the most powerful workstation on Earth. It boasts 56 processing cores and up to 3 TB of main memory, enabling users to run 3D simulations and edit 8K video in real time.

HP Z Workstation

Z4 Workstation: $2,399. Available in December 2017.
Z6 Workstation: $2,999. Available in November 2017.
Z8 Workstation: $3,499. Available in November 2017.

HP Zbook x2

HP Zbook x2

The HP Zbook x2 is another exciting product that HP is offering. It is the most powerful detachable workstation in their lineup, designed to fulfil the performance and mobility needs of professionals in the creative fields. When attached, it acts as a laptop with a full-sized keyboard. When detached, it is a tablet and can be used with a pen that comes along with it.

With the HP Zbook x2, professionals in the creative and digital world can now push the Adobe Creative Cloud® and other professional applications to the limit.

Pricing: $2,699. Available in November 2017.

A3 Business Printer series

A printer that’s fast, efficient and secure; that’s what HP A3 business printers aim to be. Advanced security functions such as HP Connection Inspector, HP Sure Start and Run-time intrusion detection demonstrate HP’s emphasis on security.

For example, the HP Connection Inspector helps printers stay ahead of malware attacks and stops suspicious activities. It can even automatically trigger a reboot without IT intervention.

Other new products showcased include the premium commercial notebooks HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2 and the HP EliteBook 1040 G4 which are robust, ultra-thin and light, yet built to survive the harshest environments. As for the premium consumer PC range, the new generation HP Spectre 13 and HP Spectre x360 13 features notable upgrades like a new processor, longer battery life and better sound quality while keeping its performance.

If you would like to find out more about HP products, do check out their website at http://www8.hp.com/sg/en/home.html.

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