Tencent Cloud Backs the 11th Ageing Asia 2020

Going Digital? Tencent Cloud Assists Businesses To Easily Expand Digital Footprint With Unrivalled Cloud Solutions and WeChat Ecosystem

More businesses around the world have been adopting digital innovation with cloud computing technologies, therefore introducing more of their benefits into existing and potential consumers’ daily lives. Undoubtedly, cloud computing technologies have helped the evolution of businesses, especially in their navigation amid the pandemic. Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Tencent – a world-class, leading cloud service provider of internet value-added services – has been a strong ally for its clients on their way to digital transformation with all-round cloud solutions and Tencent’s unrivalled advantage, making use of resources such as the WeChat ecosystem and delivering unique offerings addressing their needs and opening them up to thriving opportunities, especially in China.

In particular, WeChat is largely instrumental in assisting businesses in tackling their challenges via its smart lifestyle ecosystem, through which Tencent Cloud provides robust support and unparalleled value to their clients. The current, ongoing pandemic has presented challenges for businesses, especially SMEs, to keep their stay-at-home customers engaged. With the help of the WeChat ecosystem, brands have been stepping up their digital game and embracing digitalization, eager to build brand awareness and retain customer loyalty in the digital space. In addition, WeChat also allows global businesses to access China’s consumers with ease, amplified by Tencent’s over 20 years of experience in the market and deep understanding of Chinese consumers.

Powering up this ecosystem is Tencent Cloud’s One Stop Solution, which has a 98 percent1 reach within China’s internet user base. To bolster WeChat’s unique strength, Tencent Cloud uses dedicated Border Gateway Protocol linkage to access WeChat APIs, communicates via private networks, achieves high-speed interconnection, and seamlessly connects with the platform, creating distinct advantages for accessing WeChat APIs. Indeed, businesses can improve their efficiency and enhance their engagement with clients all in one click by integrating WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Pay, WeChat Official Account and more.

The one-stop, cross-platform solutions could complement each other with just one click. For example, businesses could amplify brand content via their WeChat Official Account, serve customers with the WeChat Mini Program and reach them with their audio-visual messages with Video Account. Through Tencent’s WeCom, Weixin’s dedicated product for work communication, enterprises could also improve efficiency and enhance their engagement with clients by allowing a more personal connection via customers’ WeChat accounts.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “The ongoing pandemic continues to shake up businesses and the industry as a whole, pushing companies and organizations of all sizes to accelerate their journey towards digital transformation. With its years of expertise and experience, Tencent Cloud has a strong track record of being a ‘digital assistant’ that supports industries through digital upgrades and building open, innovative, and secure ecosystems.”

“Tencent’s deep understanding of the industries makes Tencent Cloud the best option for clients, especially those wishing to expand their footprint in China. We are thrilled to serve a wide variety of sectors, from retail and e-commerce to gaming, financial services and more, leading their growth and demonstrating the ever-growing presence of the WeChat ecosystem,” Poshu added.

As of December 2020, Weixin and WeChat reached more than 1.2 billion monthly active user accounts, while Mini Programs’ average daily active users exceeded 400 million and its total sales more than doubled. The usage of Mini Programs per user and its average transaction value increased by 25 percent and 67 percent year-on-year respectively. Adding to these strong statistics, WeCom now serves more than 5.5 million companies and 130 million monthly active users, with services provided to more than 400 million Weixin users.

Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider that integrates Tencent’s infrastructure-building capabilities with the advantages of its massive user platform and ecosystem. Tencent Cloud provides global access and a rich array of services to governments and organizations that need advanced infrastructure and a resilient environment, such as those in the online games, live broadcast, and financial services sectors.

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