Instantly Share Life’s Special Moments with the New NETGEAR Meural WiFi Photo Frame

NETGEAR®, Inc., the leading provider of award winning connected products designed to simplify and improve people’s lives, has launched the newest  addition to the Meural family – the Meural WiFi Photo Frame

With a stunning 15.6-inch display and simple photo-sharing features that showcase personal photos and  art, the new Meural WiFi Photo Frame builds on NETGEAR’s leadership in home WiFi and Meural Digital  Canvas products. A completely reimagined connected photo frame that allows you to experience photos  

in a beautiful new way, this new desktop digital photo frame is designed for the enjoyment of your  cherished moments on the brilliant display rather than scrolling through the confines of a smartphone  screen. 

This new desktop digital photo frame from NETGEAR is designed for the enjoyment of your cherished moments on the brilliant display.  

For Singapore’s digitally savvy customers, digital photo frames have emerged as the perfect way to store,  share and display memories of special occasions and life events at home or in the office. The new Meural  WiFi Photo Frame is a must-have for anyone who is looking to beautify their smart home and add a more human touch to this increasingly technological world. The Meural WiFi photo frame adds an extra dimension to ‘staying connected’ by means of its wireless syncing ability to trusted users’ phone photo albums, ensuring that paired devices are always up-to-date, and memories and emotions can be transmitted and evoked even over seemingly large distances. 

We live in a world where generations of families can live across entirely different continents, between  grandparents, parents and children retired, working, or schooling overseas. The Meural WiFi photo frame  steps in and provides a platform for families to share memories and events immediately without any tedious or time-extensive syncing or transferring of data from device to frame. In this day and age where  conference calls and video calls have become the norm, the Meural WiFi photo frame compliments homes and beautifies any surface or corner you set it up in, while still being able to bring a smile to your face.  

Whether family members live in different houses, or different countries, the Meural WiFi photo frame can  be set up, connected to the WiFi, and synced to users’ phones, which is a large leap from the previous  style of having to manually upload photos and videos from a Micro SD card into a frame with a very low  storage capacity. With the Meural family, you can sync up specific photos to specified frames, and even  schedule specific playlists and content throughout the day. Whether you decide to set one up at home, or  in your parent’s or grandparent’s house who may live in a different block or in a different country  altogether, they’ll always feel close and connected, thanks to the smart technology built into the Meural  WiFi photo frame. 

“So many photos are captured on smartphones every day, yet many are not seen on screens that  showcase them in their fullest, richest detail. With our new Meural WiFi Photo Frame we’ve created a new  way to enjoy and relive those special memories,” said David Henry, senior vice president for Connected  Home Products and Services at NETGEAR. “With the added capability to invite family and friends from  around the world to create and share photo playlists and albums, this new premium photo frame will also  help to keep people close in a time when we all need to stay connected.” 

In a world where millions of memories are being captured on smartphones, but are often limited to these  small screens, the Meural mobile app lets you instantly and seamlessly add your favourite photos to the  crystal-clear display of the Meural WiFi Photo Frame. Meural provides the opportunity to relive your  memories in full colour – imagine seeing your baby’s first steps or the trip down to the coast in brilliant  detail. 

You’ll experience a completely new perspective on your photos as they are showcased on the Meural  WiFi Photo Frame. Pictures will come to life with clarity on the large 13.5 x 7.5-inch frame and 15.6-inch  diagonal display. The anti-glare screen and patented TrueArt technology deliver life-like photos to be  enjoyed from any angle and the premium woodgrain-trimmed frame makes it the perfect fit for any home  or office setting. 

Picture-perfect sharing from phone to frame 

Seamlessly and effortlessly, you can link an album already on your smartphone to upload and display on  the Meural WiFi Photo Frame automatically. You’ll now spend less time organising photos and more time  enjoying them. Relive your favourite memories, and with intelligent location, date and image titles tagged  to the photos, you’ll never forget the details of those moments. With a simple “wave up” on the Meural  

Photo Frame, the unique gesture control shows the location and date of any photo, which are tagged with  the image title automatically. Additional details are also accessible in the photo’s information shown on  the screen, which can be easily modified to add more personalisation and descriptions. 

  • Schedule albums and playlists to show at different times of the day so everyone in the family can see  what they want when they want. 
  • Integrated sensors monitor the room’s ambient light to ensure the proper brightness of all the images  and the frame can automatically go to sleep when it’s dark. 
  • The Meural WiFi Photo Frame also stands in both portrait and landscape orientations and auto  orients photos and content to fit the display. Live Photos from Apple iOS and short format videos – up  to 15 seconds – are also supported with Meural, so you can see your memories come to life from the  display. 
  • The Meural WiFi Photo Frame joins the existing Meural Canvas II family, available in 21-inch and 27- inch display sizes, which also benefit from these new photo-sharing features on the app. 

“We are very excited about the launch of our updated Meural app, which brings all these unique photo  uploading and sharing features to our larger sized Meural canvases too. We know so many Meural  customers enjoy seeing photos taken from trips or family gatherings on the Meural digital canvases. 

Whether on a desktop, kitchen counter or hung on a living room wall, NETGEAR now offers 3 sizes of  Meural Frames to display your art and personal photos,” said Phillip Pyo, vice president of product  marketing and Meural product management for NETGEAR. 

The new 15.6-inch Meural WiFi Photo Frame, as well as the larger Meural Canvases, include 100 sample  artworks curated from an Art Library of over 30,000 images from leading museums, artists and collections  from around the world. 

Introducing new content additions to the Meural library 

NETGEAR has also introduced two exciting content additions to the platform’s art library; the iconic Peanuts comic strips by Charles Schulz as well as a selection of spectacular video artworks  from Sharecare Windows, which capture the natural world in all its splendour and are designed to  promote relaxation and wellbeing. 


Following on the tradition of a generation, NETGEAR is pleased to be releasing one Peanuts comic  strip playlist – from the 18,000+ archive – every week, complemented by original collections of  character and themed artworki

“NETGEAR is thrilled to add one of the world’s most beloved pop-culture brands to the platform, and to  offer fans old and new a chance to revisit and discover the unique and special world of Charlie Brown.  The cross-generational appeal of Peanuts illuminates the Meural mission of connecting people through  shared experiences and memories,” said Poppy Simpson, head of curation for Meural at NETGEAR. 

Sharecare Windows: 

NETGEAR will be releasing two themed Sharecare Windows’ collections a month; mesmerising,  ambient videos that provide a natural antidote to the stresses of quarantine. Themes include  Beaches, Sunrise and Sunset and Shinrin Yoku or “Forest Bathing.” 

Sharecare Windows is part of Sharecare, the leading digital health company created by digital health  pioneer, Jeff Arnold, and cardiothoracic surgeon and Emmy award winning TV personality, Dr.  Mehmet Oz. Clinical usage has shown Sharecare Windows’ videos to be effective in reducing  intrusive noise levels, encouraging healthy sleep patterns and reducing stress.  


Distributed via Kaira Global, the Meural WiFi Photo Frame (15.6-inch) is available on, as  well as through other online retailers including Lazada Singapore, Shopee Singapore and Amazon. 

15” Meural WiFi photo Frame (MC315) – (SGD $449.00) 

21” White Meural Canvas – Gen 3 (MC321WL) – (SGD $699.00) 

27” White Meural Canvas – Gen 3 (MC327WL) – (SGD $899.00) 

27” Dark Wood Meural Canvas – Gen 3 (MC327HW) – (SGD $899.00) 

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