Best travel camera

The best travel camera that you will not regret buying.


There are 5 criteria that I based on to determine the Best Travel Camera that you can buy for your vacations.

  1. It must be compact and portable. So DSLRs are all out of the picture. Pun unintended.
  2. It must not have interchangeable lens. This is a debatable point but I’ve travelled enough to know how much of a hassle changing lenses can be. Also, you do not want to change your lens so frequently in certain countries. You will get robbed.
  3. It must have a tiltable screen. Whether you travel alone or with your friends, when taking photos of yourself or with them, it is extremely handy to be able to see what’s in the frame. Come on, even smartphones have a front-facing camera though with lousy specifications. Be competitive!
  4. It must have a decent wide angle lens and can zoom up to 70mm or more. Having a wide angle lens allows you more flexibility in framing your subject or the scenery that you are taking. This also reduces your need to adjust your position to accommodate the things you want to be in the frame. Sometimes you just do not have that luxury of space to take the shot you want.
  5. It must have WiFi and NFC. This is already 2017. Do we still need to ask why we need this couple? WiFi and NFC functions make sharing photos or videos a lot easier for you. You can upload your beautiful memories under a minute while on the go. You save the hassle of taking out the SD card, find a computer to plug it in, choose your photo, upload and then…


So which camera fits the bill?

After reviewing many different cameras and their specifications plus image quality and support, and all of the above criteria, the decision is clear. It is still the Sony RX100 MK IV.

Image credit: Sony

This camera is not cheap. It is still selling at $1,399 even though the MK V ($100 more expensive) has been out for some time now. However, if you factor in many things that this camera can do, you will realise that you are basically holding onto a DSLR squeezed into a compact camera. In my opinion, it is worth it.

Here is the list of its full specifications.

If you are looking for a camera with the exact criteria that I set for a travel camera, I will highly recommend the Sony RX100 MK IV. If you want something cheaper with similar experience, you can consider the Sony RX100 MK III, which costs about $1,199. It is almost similar to his younger brother but with some missing functions such as 4K resolution recording and lower shooting speed.

Let me know what you think and share with me why you agree with me OR disagree with me.

Here are some sample shots for your reference.




Night Shot at about 9 pm
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