ViewQwest launches Southeast Asia’s first consumer broadband which automatically blocks cybersecurity threats

ViewQwest launches Southeast Asia’s first consumer broadband which automatically blocks cybersecurity threats

Singapore-based telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (ISP) ViewQwest has announced the launch of SecureNet for homes and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. SecureNet is Southeast Asia’s first consumer broadband with built-in security powered by Palo Alto Networks, the global cybersecurity leader.  

Last year, hacked footages from home security cameras in Singapore were uploaded to pornographic sites1. As  more families and small businesses spend time online at the comforts of their homes, hackers have been doubling  down on their efforts to infiltrate home networks and attempt to steal valuable personal data via phishing. 

Whilst families and SMEs may attempt to protect their privacy by installing cybersecurity solutions, it is often too  difficult and troublesome for many, especially the less tech-savvy. The problem is exacerbated with the rise of  connected devices like home security cameras, which do not come with built-in security.  

Starting from $29.90 per month and $96.00 per month for home and SME customers respectively, ViewQwest  customers can now enjoy a 24/7 network-delivered security solution that scans for malicious attacks, both known and unknown, to eradicate them before they can harm the users’ devices. SecureNet can give these consumers  peace of mind.  

Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest, said: “As an ISP, we should take the lead in tackling cybersecurity threats  from the get-go. For the first time in Southeast Asia and Singapore, consumers here can now get automatic, 24/7  cybersecurity protection without needing to install or purchase any additional software or hardware. This is  possible as the entire broadband line itself is now secure and protected against cyber threats.” 

“There is a growing trend globally where ISPs have taken ownership2in tackling cyber threats by creating and  offering broadbands with built-in security. With SecureNet, ViewQwest puts Singapore on the global map of  advanced nations that can enjoy the latest cutting-edge technology in cybersecurity”, Vignesa added. 

Advanced technology to block cybersecurity threats before they reach home or office SecureNet is designed to act as the household’s first line of defence against cybersecurity threats such as malware,  adware, spyware, phishing, and system vulnerabilities (e.g. outdated operating system). Routing network traffic  through the Palo Alto Networks machine learning-powered Next-Generation Firewall, SecureNet automatically  scans the entire network for known and unknown file and web-based threats, and has three main threat  prevention measures to deal with them:  

  • Antivirus – detects viruses and malware found in executable programmes and files
  • Anti-spyware – detects spyware on infected devices that are collecting data without the user’s consent
  • Vulnerability protection – detects system flaws that an attacker might attempt to exploit or abuse 

The scanning, detecting, preventing, and protection measures all happen automatically and simultaneously  throughout the entire network, without compromising on performance. This helps ensure that the threat do not  spread to the network and potentially infect other devices. 

Customisable threat protection 

Users can also choose amongst levels of protection depending on their preference. The Essential level caters to  users who are more tech-savvy and understand the risks of installing a variety of software on their devices. The  Enhanced level is ideal for users who want more security protection but still want the freedom to be able to install  certain software and visit websites. The Max level caters to families with children who want to enjoy the maximum  level of cybersecurity protection. 

Additionally, the Essential, Enhanced and Max levels block different types of URLs which contain malicious  content or traffic. 

Essential level URL filtering – blocks sites which contain malware, command and control, and phishing ● Enhanced level URL filtering – in addition to blocking sites from the Basic level, also blocks sites with adult  content, drug abuse, copyright infringement, extremism, gambling, grayware, newly registered domains,  parked, questionable content, and weapons 

Max level URL filtering – in addition to blocking sites from the Basic and Advanced levels, also blocks sites  with proxy avoidance and anonymisers as well as unknown websites 

Users will receive two reports weekly. The Threat Log Report will show the threats actively blocked by SecureNet. The Top  Blocked Websites Report will show the blocked websites with malicious traffic, such as phishing.  

Hassle-free protection with weekly reports 

Installing additional cybersecurity protection on individual devices such as laptops and computers can be  complicated and troublesome for many families and SMEs. With SecureNet, families and SMEs do not have to  actively meddle with their devices as the entire home network is protected from the get-go.  

Families and SMEs who are subscribed to SecureNet will receive two security reports weekly, which will indicate  all the threats that SecureNet has identified and the preventive measures executed.  

Pricing and availability  

Current ViewQwest customers can subscribe to SecureNet at an additional $5.99 and $16 per month for home  and SME customers respectively.  

For new ViewQwest customers: 

● Broadband plans with SecureNet* starts from $29.90 per month for home users 

● Broadband plans with SecureNet* starts from $96.00 per month for SMEs/office users

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