SINGAPORE, 7 October 2020: Award-winning Singapore-based edtech startup KooBits is helping local tuition and coaching centres go online and extend business overseas with their state-of-the-art eLearning product KooBits Class, and helping school teachers deploy assignments and track their students’ work easily through user-friendly content-building tools with KooBits School.

To help future-proof education for a post-pandemic world, KooBits has stepped in with eLearning products designed to cater to the needs of educators and tutors. KooBits Class, an eLearning product, empowers tuition and learning centres to shift their business online instantly. KooBits Class also enables Singapore tuition centres to take in business from the overseas market. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many tuition and coaching centres were forced to shut down or switch to online avenues overnight. Many tuition centres started online classes using video telephony and online chat services and managed to survive somehow. However, in the long run, they need access to a robust content delivery platform. 

Tutors generally assign work after class by manually emailing parents PDF files. This is time-taking, hard to keep track of, and becomes even more clumsy at the assignment collection stage where each child emails back reports in never-ending and confusing email threads. These pain points can be resolved with a reliable platform with features like content delivery and data analysis. That is exactly what KooBits Class is offering to tuition centres and schools, instantly equipping them with such capabilities.

Empowering educators in every possible way

KooBits eLearning products have an instantaneous marking feature, helping teachers save time by reducing the time spent on manual marking. With on-the-spot correction, instant feedback is given to students, enabling better retention of learning points.

With KooBits Math and Science resources, teachers have access to quality online resources, including diagrams, tables, figures, images, charts and question papers so they can cut down the time spent on creating these teaching aids manually or looking them up online. This addresses one of the most significant pain points enabling educators to focus on teaching and coaching alone. 

KooBits with its flagship product, KooBits Maths, already sees enthusiastic use among over 203,000 monthly active subscribers and more than 80,000 weekly active users, with children voluntarily spending time on the platform to learn every day, and has a solid presence in the APAC region. 

Now, they have also launched KooBits Science resources for P3 to P5, with subsequent plans to include content for P6 as well. The curriculum for KooBits Science resources is aligned with the Singapore Curriculum and is available for all users of KooBits Plus and KooBits Premium Plans across the region.

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