KooBits launches KooClass to help children excel in math

KooBits launches KooClass to help children excel in math

Singapore-based gamified eLearning platform KooBits is offering a free trial of the KooBits Premium plan, with the launch of KooClass, a series of interactive, animated classes to help children, aged 6-12 years, learn about real-world applications of math topics taught in school. 

As Singapore enters a phase of heightened restrictions with the shift to home-based learning, delivering high quality, engaging learning content has become an increasingly eminent challenge. 

It is highly important to ensure that this generation of learners learn effectively and enjoy learning, despite the unfavourable circumstances. With over 100+ hours of educational lessons and new classes released every week, KooClass aims to re-engage students and offer a meaningful learning experience. Ultimately, we hope to feed their curiosity, develop their critical thinking skills and enrich their lives beyond the classroom,” says Stanley Han, CEO of KooBits.

KooBits launches KooClass to help children excel in math

The importance of promoting curiosity & introducing real-world application in learning

While there is no shortage of solutions to tackle the shift to home-based learning, these initiatives are often missing a critical strategy cited by decades of youth development research: developing curiosity for a child’s learning development. According to a McKinsey report, ‘intentional learning’, or the active desire to learn and acquire knowledge, is the most important skill to develop in this new digital age. 

With many students learning from home right now, and normal routines out of the window, it’s more important than ever to encourage students to become independent learners who are interested in learning, not just for the sake of it. 

We’ve observed how many children do not know why they need to learn certain math concepts, and how these concepts can be applied in real life beyond exam papers. This then makes it difficult for them to develop the love of math. At KooBits, we focus on preparing children’s minds before learning and introducing the application of math topics in real-world scenarios, which has been pedagogically proven to subsequently improve knowledge absorption and retention,” says Stanley

Students aren’t facing just an academic crisis but a social / psychological one as well — How KooClass offers a fresh way to learn

The current shifts and changes to the curriculum has raised the anxiety among students. Survey findings by Focus on the Family Singapore have revealed that seven in 10 children feel negatively about upcoming school exams – “angry”, “worried” or “sad” – with more than three in five feeling “worried”.

School leaders nationwide are confronting the stark reality that students aren’t facing just an academic crisis, but a psychological one. As schools plan for the June holidays and upcoming school term, a road to resilience must be paved in order to ensure student engagement and empowerment.

With KooClass, students will be able to experience a fresh way to learn, aside from the mundane and repetitive curriculum, and as such develop a love for learning. In each lesson, children can:

  • Watch an educational / documentary-style video taught by friendly and lovable characters,
  • Get hands-on practice with an interactive segment (questions, assignments or activities for kids to do) and 
  • Unlock achievements after completing the lesson. 

As such, these interactive elements aid in dispelling math or school-related anxiety and offer an engaging outlet to learn. KooClass is trying to replicate the best-of-class teaching by top educators, and offer a top-quality learning experience in the form of online animated videos and interactive activities that is of high appeal to today’s digital native generation. Giving a child a laptop full of entertainment apps might amuse them for an hour, but giving them the same laptop with KooBits will equip them with a productive tool that can make their learning 3 to 4 times more effective. KooBits is on a mission to empower today’s children to become a master of technology that is productive, and not be distracted by it.

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