New data from Shopee sheds light on male shopping habits in Singapore

New data from Shopee sheds light on  male shopping habits in Singapore

SINGAPORE, 5 MARCH 2020 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, recently conducted the Shopee Men’s Online Shopping Behaviour Survey 2020. The findings, coupled with user data, revealed that online shopping has become a daily ritual for Singaporean men. Almost 60% of survey respondents spend 30 minutes or more shopping online daily, and close to 70% spend more money shopping online in 2020, compared to a year ago. The top reason cited for spending more on online shopping is the convenience that online shopping offers, as compared to in-store shopping. On the back of uncovering these new insights about how Singaporean men are shopping, Shopee is bringing back Shopee 3.3 – 4.4 Men’s Sale (“Shopee Men’s Sale”), featuring a wide variety of deals across different categories, favourites on Lowest Price Guaranteed, upsized Flash Deals and games tailored specifically for men. The campaign will run from now till 4 April 2020, with an improved variety of products, deals, and entertainment. 

Men’s carts are filled with consumer electronics and beauty products

Consumer electronics remained the most popular category, with almost 60% of men selecting it as their favourite category of products to purchase online. The top electronics products include phone cables, wireless earphones, and mobile screen protectors. In addition, Shopee data revealed that men’s appetite for purchasing beauty products online has increased nearly two times in the last year alone, with Beauty & Personal Care emerging as one of the top categories for men. Beauty products frequently found in men’s carts include hair pomade, pimple patches, and serums. In order to meet the demand for electronics and beauty products, Shopee Men’s Sale will feature themed sales including Super Tech Show from 9 March to 15 March, Grooming Day on 28 March, and more. Shopee is also working with over 1,000 brands including Acer, Braun, Panasonic, Bose, and Razer.

Men are price-sensitive, “after work”, and “lunchtime” shoppers

The survey showed that comparing prices to find the best deals is very important to Shopee’s male users when shopping online, with close to 70% indicating that they research and compare prices before deciding to purchase a product. Shopee data also revealed that the majority of male users prefer to shop after work, with 11pm to 1am being the most popular time slot. The next most popular shopping slot is 12pm to 1pm, suggesting that lunchtime shopping is a common past-time for men. To attract these price-sensitive male users during the peak shopping windows, Shopee is running daily Flash Deals at these time slots during Shopee Men’s Sale. Shopee will also run Million Dollar Discount across various categories, allowing users to enjoy Lowest Price Guaranteed and free shipping on products from popular brands. 

Men look for a more engaging in-app shopping experience

According to the e-Conomy SEA 2019 report released by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, consumers are increasingly spending more time in-app and as a result, companies are focusing on creating engaging user experiences. This trend is also observed among Shopee’s male users, with close to 60% of survey respondents revealing that they regularly use Shopee’s entertainment features, including our plethora of in-app games. In order to fulfill the increased need for engagement, Shopee Men’s Sale will feature all-time favourite games including Shopee Shake, Shopee Farm, and $1 Big Prizes.

Tiger Wang, Head of Marketing, Shopee Singapore, said “As the popularity of online shopping grows among Singaporean men, it is important that we pay attention to their online shopping needs and transform these into well-executed campaigns tailored for them. Leveraging our treasure trove of data on men’s shopping habits, we are able to continuously innovate our in-app features and improve our product variety to meet the evolving needs of our male users. Shopee is focused on delivering the best online shopping experience to everyone and this campaign is yet another example of our commitment to bringing users convenience and variety, at prices they love.”

Shopee Men’s Sale will give male users access to a variety of exciting deals and promotions across more than 1,000 brands. In Singapore, the campaign will feature more than four weeks of super promotions from 3 March to 4 April 2020, with key highlights including:

  • Free shipping and Million Dollar Discount, where users can enjoy Lowest Price Guaranteed on popular products such as the Xiaomi LED Smart TV and Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop
  • Super Tech Show from 9 March to 15 March, where users can look forward to electrifying deals from their favourite electronic brands such as Razer, Samsung, JBL, Acer, Logitech, Oppo, and Philips
    • During this period, users can also enjoy Lowest Price Guaranteed on popular products such as the Apple iPhone 11, Philips 4K Ultra Slim Smart TV, Dyson Airwrap, and GoPro Hero 8, released twice daily – 12pm and 10pm
  • Users can play Shopee Farm daily to get free drinks, and participate in $1 Big Prizes in order to stand a chance to win prizes worth up to $6,999
    • Launched in January 2020, the highly popular Shopee Farm will see users planting seeds, checking-in daily to water their plants, and harvesting their crop to claim rewards 
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