2 new M1 plans will make you want to walk on sunshine

2 new M1 plans will make you want to walk on sunshine

2 new M1 plans will make you want to walk on sunshine

M1 has simplified its mobile plans into two new basic plans – Plan with Device and the SIM-only Plan. These two new introductions will replace 19 of its existing mobile plans.

New M1 Plans

The Plan with Device comes with a base plan that consists of 12GB of data, 100 mins of talktime and 100 free SMSes at S$30 per month for a contractual period of 24 months. As the name suggests, you can choose a smartphone to go along with it.

The SIM-only Plan comes with a whopping 30GB of data, 1,000 mins of talktime and 100 free SMSes at only S$25 per month with no contractual period.

M1 also took a page out of StarHub’s playbook to offer unlimited weekend data, which they termed it as “Free Flow Weekend Data” on top of the other perks such as free Caller ID and Unlimited Music Streaming on Spotify (Not free subscription).

Update: The Unlimited Weekend Add-On and Unlimited Music Streaming on Spotify are valid until 31 December 2020.

If you need more data, talktime or SMS, you can also opt for a Plan add-on or a Bundle Pack for the Plan with Device and SIM-only Plan respectively.

Mr Manjot Singh Mann, CEO of M1 said:

“We believe that our customers deserve true value and to pay only for what they need. These easy-to-understand and easy-to-build plans allow our customers to make their own decisions and build it just the way they want.”

The Plan add-on for the Plan Device allows you to top-up either S$20, S$48, S$80 or S$205 to increase your data, talktime and SMS. As for the SIM-only plan, the Bundle Pack starts from S$10 to S$50, which gives you 150GB of data and an additional 10,000 mins of talktime.

Here are the add-on plans and bundle pack for the new M1 plans in detail for your reference:

Plan Add-onDataTalktime
S$30 + S$2012GB + 5GB100 mins + 100 mins
S$30 + S$4812GB + 30GB100 mins + 200 mins
S$30 + S$6612GB + 66GB100 mins + 400 mins
S$30 + S$20512GB + 100GBUnlimited
Bundle PackDataTalktime
S$25 + S$1010GB1,000 mins + 100 mins
S$25 + S$2050GB1,000 mins + 100 mins
S$25 + S$50150GB1,000 mins + 10,000 mins

Plan with Device extends to eligible existing M1 customers too

Existing M1 customers will be delighted to know that the Plan with Device is also available to you. To find out if you are eligible, you can use the My M1 app or dial 1627 to check your eligibility for the new plan.

So what do you think of M1’s latest move? Will this mount a serious challenge to StarHub and Singtel? Share your thoughts with us.