Adobe unveils Customer Experience Management (CXM) innovations to accelerate digital experience delivery

Adobe recently surveyed U.S consumers, revealing that 51 per cent are more likely to make a purchase and 49 per cent are more likely to become loyal to the brand if content is personalized. Brands are under pressure to deliver more personalized content to more channels, faster than ever before. This presents challenges for marketing and IT.

Adobe has unveiled innovations in Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud in Adobe Experience Cloud, that automate and simplify the delivery of customer experiences for marketers and allow IT to accelerate app development further. Enhanced workflows help marketers, IT and creatives work smarter and faster, empowering brands to personalise every customer experience. Leveraging Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning technology, brands can automatically deliver the right content to the right individual. Experience Manager’s industry-leading offering is now available to mid-market organisations, extending its leadership with enterprises.

“Personalisation at scale across every customer touchpoint is the holy grail of Customer Experience Management or CXM. It requires the unification of content, data and insights that only Adobe can provide,” said Loni Stark, senior director of strategy and product marketing at Adobe. “Innovations in Adobe Experience Manager make it easier for marketers and IT professionals to delight customers and create memory-making moments every time a customer interacts with the brand.”

Capabilities for Marketers

New Experience Manager advancements empower marketers from companies of all sizes and across industries to intelligently:

  • Deliver engaging experiences: Marketers can now design, deliver and optimise experiences on digital displays of all sizes in physical venues, such as in-store screens or kiosks. This includes support for massive scale signage networks and powerful publishing and approval workflows to speed up delivery and ensure consistency of in-store campaigns. Brands can easily optimise experiences by dynamically personalising signage content like inventory or weather and uncover insights that drive conversion via Adobe Analytics integration. Powerful shopping experiences can be created and managed through Experience Manager integration with Magento Commerce Cloud.
  • Manage and discover the right assets: Gone are the days of sorting through relevant clips for brand channels. Smart Tags now extends to video, using Adobe Sensei to automate video discovery with intelligent tags that correspond to actions, attributes and objects. Visual Search, powered by Adobe Sensei, surfaces images similar to a specific asset within seconds, such as a person with shopping bags in Times Square. A new high-speed transfer service in Brand Portal provides a faster, more flexible way to manage assets with colleagues globally. Marketers can customise permission controls to ensure certain teams or geographies have access only to approved assets.
  • Optimise videos for any channel: Vertical video usage on channels like Instagram and WeChat requires brands to edit video footage to be smartphone-friendly. Smart Crop for video, powered by Adobe Sensei, speeds up and simplifies this process. It automatically identifies and crops the most important parts of a video to ensure a great video experience for users no matter which direction they hold their phones.  
  • Streamline and speed up content creation: Finding, modifying and reviewing enterprise assets requires creatives and marketers to toggle back and forth between different solutions. Now, with Adobe Asset Link generally available, creative users can find, edit and reuse digital assets that reside in Experience Manager directly within Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Creatives can automatically find similar images in a matter of seconds with Visual Search in Asset Link. Additionally, new Core Components—building blocks to build and author experiences—provide increased agility for experience creation and ease reliance on development teams to write and test new code.
  • Quickly author multichannel customer communications: With drag and drop features in Experience Manager Forms, organisations can embed interactive content in customer communications faster, including advanced charting functionality and simplified data integrations. This provides more engaging and data-driven personalised customer communications, such as monthly statements. Deeper integration with Adobe Sign Cloud Signatures, part of Adobe Document Cloud, empowers customers to digitally sign documents, while meeting regulatory requirements.

Capabilities for IT Professionals and Developers

New hybrid content management system (CMS) capabilities in Experience Manager improve agility and flexibility for IT professionals and developers, helping to:

  • Automatically add capacity during high user traffic: Dynamic digital experiences require agility to manage content updates at scale. Cloud Manager’s new autoscaling service automatically detects the need to accommodate additional traffic and brings more capacity online within minutes to ensure a positive end user experience.

  • Create and manage experiences with agility: As web content becomes more fluid and responsive, managing high-performing experiences across channels is tough to scale. Adobe’s new Single-Page Application (SPA) Editor allows developers and marketers to preview, edit, manage and personalise content in-context and in one place for faster collaboration. With server-side rendering of client-side SPAs, developers can now improve first-experience load times to increase engagement with SPA Editor and improve SEO. Enhanced personalization and insights are powered by Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics.
  • Speed up web applications development: New support for GraphQL enables developers to continue working in their favourite front-end application tools while easily scaling these applications. This is made possible by APIs that pull in data and content. GraphQL support will include Experience Manager later this year, extending support of Magento Commerce Cloud.

Source: Adobe

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