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Marking the tenth anniversary of blockchain technology, Blockchain Centre, the world’s first non-profit blockchain knowledge hub, has launched Blockchain Centre Singapore. With centres in Australia, China, Colombia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia, UAE, and the USA, Blockchain Centre Singapore joins the first-ever global network that connects blockchain ecosystems in every region around the world.

In Singapore, Blockchain Centre seeks to:

  1. Enhance knowledge and awareness of blockchain technology and its applications by being a trusted knowledge partner for the government, businesses, and society in Singapore
  2. Provide opportunities for open knowledge exchange, idea sharing, and collaboration by building an inclusive community with a common interest in blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Trusted Blockchain Knowledge Partner 

In a recent article, FintechNews noted the lack of understanding and education as a major barrier preventing blockchain from becoming mainstream in Singapore1.

“Widespread education about blockchain technology is a critical requisite for widespread adoption of blockchain use cases and applications. While there is a lot of information available from various sources, there still exists a big gap in knowledge,” said Shruti Dwivedi, General Manager, Blockchain Centre Singapore.

To bridge this gap, Blockchain Centre Singapore will host regular events, courses, seminars, and workshops, suited for businesses and individuals from different industries, professions, and knowledge levels, with focus on non-technical as well as technical aspects of blockchain.

“We want to be the trusted knowledge partner for the Singapore government, businesses, associations, and the public. As a not for profit organization, we are agnostic to platform or industry. We see Blockchain Centre Singapore as an avenue for developing public and private sector partnerships. At the same time, we want to provide a comfortable, ‘no-sale, no-pressure’ environment for the community to learn, exchange ideas, and connect with others who are genuinely interested in learning and contributing towards a better future with blockchain business solutions,” added Shruti.

Inclusive Blockchain Community

A large part of the discussion on blockchain technology in Singapore is centered around applications in finance and cryptocurrencies, even though the distributed ledger technology has the potential to improve business models and operations in many industries, and serve every section of society. Moreover, inclusion of women and historically underrepresented minorities continues to remain low.

“At Blockchain Centre Singapore, we aim to unite stakeholders with a common interest in this (blockchain) technology, irrespective of age, gender, background, industry, profession, knowledge level, and geography, and to create a comfortable environment for them to learn, exchange, and collaborate,” expressed Shruti.

Together, Blockchain Centres around the world provide access to a worldwide community of blockchain thought leaders, experts, investors, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts.

The management team at Blockchain Centre Singapore is excited about the new possibilities created by blockchain technology, its ability to bring about a positive change for everyone, and their role in facilitating this change in Singapore.

Inaugural Event on 30th January 2019

Blockchain technology is transforming real estate with its wide ranging applications. However, cross-border real estate investment continues to have many challenges and investors need to consider several barriers and risks. To discuss these challenges, and how real estate services using marketplace solutions on the blockchain can address them, Blockchain Centre Singapore held its inaugural event on ‘Blockchain for Real Estate Investment: Future of Marketplace Services’.

Speakers and panelists included notable industry thought leaders and experts:

  • Alice Chen, Co-Founder & General Counsel, InvestaCrowd
  • James Crawford, Executive Director, Valuation & Advisory Services Singapore, International Valuation Asia, CBRE Asia Pacific
  • Dato’ Dr. Jay Ho, CEO & Founder, PropEase
  • Randeep Melhi, Education Director, Blockchain Centre Singapore
  • Vickum Nawagamuwage, Founder & CEO, Santani Resort and Spa
  • Teymoor Nabili, International Broadcaster & Journalist (Moderator)

The event was held on 30th January 2019, at Blockchain Centre Singapore, The Company, #02-01, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720. It was attended by industry stakeholders, service providers, experts, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, as well as individuals who were keen to expand their knowledge on real estate investment and blockchain. The full-house attendance and active participation of the audience was a validation of Blockchain Centre Singapore’s mission.

“There really is a need for a space where people like me can connect and collaborate with others into blockchain, without any pressure from ICOs and hustlers,” said one participant. “It’s great to know that there is a neutral organization with no hidden bias where I can learn about blockchain,” said another.   

More details of Blockchain Centre Singapore may be found at

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