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Nexus Inc. is the world’s first fintech blockchain and IoT-centred solutions provider for companies and financial institutions

Nexus Inc., is a deep tech-founded, digital asset management firm that centres its operations on the development and execution of financial technology, and blockchain and Internet of Things-centric solutions for online platforms and institutions around the globe.

With offices strategically located in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Singapore, Nexus solutions’ packets are tethered to a combination of blockchain technology, Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data to shore up cybersecurity and transactional privacy for its clients; as well as intercept and prevent fraud through proper financial security protocols. As a result, Nexus’s clients, having onboarded its proprietary solutions, are able to actively scale their businesses, dramatically increase footfall, and raise the competitiveness ante within their unique industry verticals.


Nexus has many years of blockchain research and development experience, with several technical patents registered under its belt. Nexus can provide a series of industry blockchain vertical solutions ranging from technology, product and operations, according to the needs of its clients. Nexus provides industry users with smart hardware technology that harnesses the power of all aspects of blockchain hardware products such as blockchain hardware nodes and blockchain intelligent hardware. Nexus has amassed more than 10 years design experience in security algorithms, SOC (system-on-chip) and MCU (multipoint control unit), amongst others. It has provided chip technology to dozens of successful projects with its main chip design process as 14nm. With dozens of core technologies in the fields of E-SIM (embedded-SIM), NBIOT (NarrowBand-Internet of Things), and LoRal in the field of Internet of Things, Nexus supplies its clients with dependable blockchain communication technology support, and effective implementation of the blockchain in their respective businesses.

Nexus’s core technical team is one of the world’s early-stage pioneers that led the groundbreaking development and commercial application of blockchain technology in 2016. This trailblazing architectural creation relies on a seamless integration of mature and cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure that covers strong industry application and implementation experience, and profound Internet of Things background; to provide professional and systematic blockchain technology fulfilment solutions for financial and traditional institutions, government agencies and companies, globally. According to Louis Jones, Nexus chief technology officer: “Our multidisciplinary team of in-house experts aim to facilitate technology businesses with the knowledge and resources to develop and expand into international markets, and position clients for proven success. The world around us is constantly evolving with technology getting progressively more advanced; and replacing many traditional facilities and services. We can either adapt to the changes or innovate of our own. We, at Nexus, choose to do the latter by providing solutions for our clients, not only to improve relations and build trust, but to also keep up with the technological winds of change. It is only by innovating and solving that we can improve and progress as a company.”


As a result, Nexus experienced an ongoing period of remarkable growth since the last 12 months; with an uptick of 372 institutional clients on roster, from 145 in 2019. Transactional volume across customers stands at 1.3 billion US Dollars. “Nexus is leapfrogging in client acquisition and earnings across continents,” states John Pollock, founder and chief executive officer of Nexus. “My vision for Nexus is to continue on a sustained path of building strong trust mechanisms towards would-be clients, and forge strong alliances within the blockchain industry circuit. I see Nexus as an advocate of blockchain-centric solutions, on the back of utilising profound Internet of Things, to better empower the way businesses and economies function in the new normal.”


In July 2020, Nexus closed a US$2.6 million Series A funding tranche led by Australia asset management firm CollinStar Capital. The investment sum will afford Nexus product development scalability as the blockchain-centric firm meets global market demands to support exponential client growth. Other angel investors, which have pumped in well over US$51 million since 2016 including, Australia bitcoin mining company Blockchain Global Ltd and blockchain technology consortium Hypertech Group, California private equity firm Blockchain Ventures, and Hong Kong digital assets trading platform Hoo and online financial investment site Molecular Future. The raised funds will enable Nexus to continue providing best-in-class support and services. These encompass both blockchain and financial related services. Additionally, Nexus will advance technology and interoperability by creating and innovating digital applications for both mobile and desktop devices. These developmental efforts translate to Nexus delivering on the most user-friendly, personalized digital navigation assistant in the market, capable of providing a wide variety of services alongside an enhanced user interface; all for the purposes of catering towards the best user experiences possible. To date, Nexus is valued close to US$240 million company.


Nexus’s current cluster of clients include Singapore digital asset trading platform, Australia’s liquidity provider Fantastech, China’s financial service provider Hyper ProXimity (HPX), Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore future-oriented blockchain crypto bank HyperBC, Saudi Arabia payment gateway HyperPay with offices in Dubai, Amman, Cairo and Bahrain, Malaysia investment firm Monspace, and Australia supply chain solutions provider Ucot. “The need for tech disruption has never been greater. At the start of 2020, Nexus has witnessed the rapid rise of digital adoption across industry tiers worldwide,” according to John Pollock, founder and chief executive officer of Nexus. “The ongoing pandemic has further enabled traditional institutions to look towards transforming services and customer journeys through the use of deep tech capabilities. In 2020 alone, companies have invested in excess of US$106 billion to reshape their business models through clever and agile blockchain innovation.”

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