New Google research makes us wonder how people celebrate CNY in the past without Internet

New Google research makes us wonder how people celebrate CNY in the past without Internet
Google Search

Google has released its research findings on what Singaporeans search for on the Internet and watch on Youtube before and during the Chinese New Year (CNY), based on last year’s data.

The research found that searches on Google for CNY items started to pick up approximately five weeks before the start of the festival. Searches peaked during the CNY week itself.

So what did Singaporeans search for?

Unsurprisingly, the information that we search for sort of represent the culture of Singapore.

  1. Recipes. According to the Google Survey, other than wanting to try out new recipes and cooking methods, 53% of Singaporeans expressed that the CNY period was also the time for them to try new brands. So to all new entrants, your time is now.
  2. Fashion. Singaporeans searched for their outfit of the festival (OOTF) on e-commerce platforms. We also watch more YouTube videos on categories such as “nail” and “hair care”, which resulted in a 41 per cent and 32 per cent increase in watch time respectively.
  3. Entertainment. YouTube saw a spike in video watch time on CNY content during the festival, close to two million hours. Watch time on Astrology went up by 51 per cent and Chinese music videos also rose by 16 per cent.

Stephen Davis, Country Director for Google Singapore said:

“Chinese New Year is a precious time for the Chinese community to bond with their loved ones. We’re humbled that Singaporeans continue to rely on Search and YouTube to help them make the best of the festive holiday. From searching for the best deals for clothes to look their best, places to go and food to eat, we look forward to being present for Singaporeans as we welcome the Year of the Pig.”

Are you one of those searching food, fashion and entertainment? If not, what do you search for? Share with us your thoughts.

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