LG Red Fair

SINGAPORE — From now till February 11, 2019, LG Red Fair features an array of its best innovations to upgrade your home with. Consumers can enjoy the best deals on home appliances, home entertainment as well as IT solutions at LG authorized retailers!

Home Entertainment Promotions: Bringing the Cinematic Experience Home

LG has been the world’s best-selling OLED brand since 2013[1]. Its 2018 OLED TVs are equipped with the top-of-the-line α (Alpha) 9 processor, which provides true-to-life images with rich colors, sharpness and depth for more realism.

Upgraded with the α (Alpha) 7 processor as well as Full-Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlighting, the LG SUPER UHD TVs with Nano CellTM Display offer deeper blacks, enhanced image rendering, better shadow details and accurate colours from wide viewing angles with Dolby VisionTM and Dolby Atmos® support. LG UHD TVs boast 4K IPS displays, and their viewing experiences are complemented by superb audio, thanks to DTS Virtual:X capability, an immersive surround sound format that allows for atmospheric effects.

Complete the home entertainment experience at home with the 2018 line-up of LG Sound Bars. The LG SK10Y that is incorporated with Meridian audio technology, SK9Y and SK8Y boast advanced high-performance audio to deliver the most authentic sound possible. These sound bars come with Dolby Atmos® support, offering music and movie enthusiasts an all-enveloping audio experience.

Gifts with Purchase:

  1. Purchase selected TV models[2] and enjoy free delivery and installation services, prepaid MasterCard rebates and choice gift vouchers worth up to a total of $1,100.
  2. Purchase the SK10Y, SK9Y or SK8Y and get a free LG Rear Kit Speaker (SPK8) worth S$199.

Home Appliance Promotions: Healthier and Smarter Living, Made Convenient

Driven by its motto “Innovation for a Better Life”, LG continuously offers advanced home appliance solutions for consumers to lead more efficient and convenient lifestyles. Providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for discerning homeowners, they include refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners.

The LG TWINWash™, the world’s first solution to wash and spin two loads at the same time[3], comes with unique optimum steam temperature and rinsing functions to thoroughly remove allergens such as dust mites in clothes and beddings. Complete the clothing care solution with the LG Styler, a steam clothing management system that not only sanitizes clothes, reduces wrinkles and removes allergens in everyday items but also dehumidifies the room where it is installed.  

Equally impressive is the stylish LG refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature — simply knock twice on the tinted glass panel for the interior to illuminate, allowing users to peer in and check on food items without opening the door. This in turn helps to prevent cold air loss, keeping food fresher longer. The LG refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door™ feature comes with HygieneFresh+, removing up to 99.999% of bacteria[4] as well as bad odor in the refrigerator. From food preparation to cooking, enjoy even, fast and healthy cooking with the NeoChefTM convection oven (model MJ3965BGS), built with Smart Inverter technology that preserves distinct flavors with a healthier cooking option.

After a hearty meal, relax and leave the dishwashing to the new LG QuadWash™ dishwashers. Utilizing four spray arms instead of the usual two, its multi-motion arms sweep and rotate back and forth while spinning in both directions to clean from nearly every angle. Another core technology is the TrueSteamTM technology, which emits high-temperature steam to clean everything from delicate stemware to steel pots and pans.

Another nifty helper is the LG HOM-BOT Turbo+, a unique solution that is a Wi-Fi-enabled robotic vacuum cleaner with monitoring capabilities. The HOM-BOT Turbo+ also allows users to clean remotely from their smartphones through the HomeViewTM feature, while the HomeGuardTM function monitors a pre-selected location at home, and sends five photos to the smartphone when motion is detected.

Enjoy freebies worth up to $200 on various home appliance purchase including LG Tone Plus headset, grocery vouchers, detergent bundle and more.

More Gifts with Bundle Purchases:

Get even more bang for your buck when you purchase selected products from the various Home Appliance bundles:

Hygiene Bundle:

Purchase two eligible LG products in the hygiene bundle* from any two separate product categories, and receive an additional S$100 grocery voucher.

Product Category Product Model*
Refrigerator GF-Q6018MT, GF-M6017BM, GS-X6011NS, GS-M6262NS, GS-X6018MT, GS-Q6278MT, GS-Q6278NS, GT-M5967BL, GT-T5107BM, GT-M5097PZ, GT-D4417BL, GT-M4807PZ, GT-B4387PZ, GB-B4451GV, GM-B3031PZ
TWINWashTM Main Washer F2721HTWV, F2718RVTV, FG1612H3W, FG1612S3W, FG1410H3W, FG1410S3W, TWC1409H2E, TWC1409S2W, TWC1408H3E
TWINWashTM Mini Washer T2735NTWV, TG2402NTWW, TC2402NTWV
Washing Machine T2516SSAVT, T2313SSAV, T2112SSAV, WFT1181DD
Styler S3WF, S3RF
Dryer TD-H90WD
Vacuum VR66820VMNC, VR65710LVMP, VS8606SWM, VS8401SCW, VS8404SCW, VR94070NCAQ
Microwave Oven MJ3965BGS
Quadwash Dishwasher DFB425FP

Classic Bundle:

Purchase two eligible LG products in the classic bundle** from any two separate product categories, and receive an additional S$50 grocery voucher.

Product Category Product Model**
Refrigerator GS-L6012PZ, GS-B6267GV, GS-B6263PZ, GB-B5191PZ
TWINWashTM Main Washer TWC1408S3E
Washing Machine WFT1081DD

LG Home Bundle Deal:

  1. Purchase one product from the Hygiene Bundle* and one product from the Classic Bundle** to receive additional S$50 grocery voucher.
  2. Purchase the LG TWINWashTM set (main washer with mini washer), with one more product from a different category, and receive an additional S$50 grocery voucher.

IT Promotions: The Ideal Choice for the Creative

LG’s IT solutions are ideal for content creators who need a reliable workhorse that can keep pace with demanding usage. Equipped with the latest 8th Intel® CoreTM i7 and i5 processors and SSD storage, the LG gram laptops make a great choice for professionals who require portability and performance. The 2018 models continue to be among the lightest laptops available[5]. They feature a highly efficient 72Wh (up to 22.5hrs) battery which lasts up to almost a full day on a single charge[6], and their compact design allows the LG gram’s slimmer form factor to feature wider screens, ideal for those who work on the go. They also come with features such as Touch Screen[7], ThunderboltTM 3[8] and Fingerprint Reader.

LG also offers various monitors for different users such as gamers, multitaskers and creative professionals. For the avid gamers, LG’s Gaming Monitor, 34UC89G, offers a refresh rate of 144Hz (overclock 166Hz), maximizing the quality of moving images with the PC’s graphic card and software. As the Global No.1 21:9 Monitor Brand[9], multitaskers and creative professionals can look forward to great deals on LG’s UltraWide™ Monitors like the 29WK600, that offers Wide Quad High Definition resolution and stunning picture quality on a 2560 by 1440-pixel wide screen. With greater screen real estate, it is an ideal workstation for multitaskers such app developers who can edit, code and review their work all at once. Other monitors such as the LG UHD 32UK550 monitor is equipped with Radeon FreeSync™ technology, which helps to reduce tearing and stuttering to enable smoother motion. It can display 95 percent of the DCI-P3 (sRGB 135%) color spectrum, comparable with monitors used to master Hollywood blockbusters.

LG gram Laptop Promotions:

Purchase the LG gram Z980 models and receive all these free gifts worth a total of S$485.90:

gram Model Gifts
 LG gram Z980
(comes in 15”, 14” and 13” with fingerprint ID)
Office 365 1-year subscription worth S$109Trend Micro Anti-virus 1-year subscription worth S$39.90LG laptop sleeve worth S$39LG Tone Plus Headset (HBS-910) worth S$149 1 + 1 Warranty worth S$149

LG Monitor Promotions:

Enjoy freebies on selected LG monitors such as LG Tone Plus Headset and gift vouchers worth up to $149.

Monitor Model Gifts
38WK95C, 34UC99,
34WK650, 29WK600
LG Tone Plus Headset (HBS-910) worth S$149
32UK550 Choice gift vouchers worth $100

For the full details of the LG Red Fair promotions, please visit http://www.lg.com/sg/promotions

[1] Based on IHS Markit, Technology Group, TV Sets Market Tracker, Q4 2017.

[2] Selected Models: OLED- E8, C8, B8S; SUPER UHD- SK9500, SK8500, SK8000; UHD- UK7500, UK6500, UK6540, UK6320

[3] World’s 1st Twin load washer combines a front load and top load and top load washer that is able to wash and spin two loads at the same time, introduced in Korea, July 2015.

[4] Tested by Intretek, ISO 27447 Test Protocol

[5] The 13.3- and 14-inch models (models 13Z980 and 14Z980) weigh just 965 and 995 grams, respectively, while the largest 15.6-inch model (model 15Z950) weighs in at 1,095 grams.

[6] LG gram laptop batteries on the 13.3-, 14- and 15.6-inch models last up to 22.5, 21.5 and 19 hours, respectively, based on 2014 MobileMark® criteria.

[7] Only applicable to gram 13 model

[8] Only applicable to gram 15 model

[9] LG Electronics is Global No.1 Selling 21:9 Monitor Brand for 20 straight quarters during 2013 Q1 and 2017 Q4. Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, 4Q17

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