What is Project Dragonfly?

What is Project Dragonfly?
Project Dragonfly by Google

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was recently asked a bunch of amateurish questions by the US House Judiciary Committee. All but one question about a project called Dragonfly caught our attention.

Project Dragonfly was an alternative version of the Google Search Engine. However, this version was meant for the Chinese, i.e. for China less the ability to search for things related to freedom and anything the Chinese government is against.

Also, under China’s Internet Law, all data including the ones of the users will have to be turned over to the Chinese government, which goes against what Google and the freedom of the web stand for.

Sundar Pichai did admit that some of Google’s employees were roped in to work on the project.

However, he emphasised that it was still in the exploratory stage.

From what we have gathered, Google has since terminated Project Dragonfly.

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