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The next time you want to book a flight, instead of opening multiple tabs of airline and hotel websites to compare the prices, try Googling for it.

Google has launched Google Flights in Singapore.

And it could be the easiest way for anyone to quickly compare and book the most-worth-it travel deal out of the country.

Just Google, “Flight to Bangkok,” and Google Flights will lay out the deals for the different airlines on your browser. The prices are already in SGD. Hence there’s no additional need to find out the exchange rate.

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You can even track the prices, receive price alerts and travel tips through your email.

Google Flights also has an Explore tab to allow easy access to information about the places of interests in the country of travel. 

There’s also a Hotel tab for you to have a glance of possible accommodations and the websites that offer you the best deal.

While Google Flights is a handy guide to the best travel deals, you will still have to go to the service provider’s website to confirm your bookings.

What it does is to make your life easier and better managed.

Google Flights is available on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.

Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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