CaltexGO mobile app
CaltexGO mobile app

Caltex has launched a mobile app that allows motorists to pay for their petrol through their smartphones.

The CaltexGO app conveniences vehicle owners with a do-it-yourself approach rather than requiring them to queue up over at the cashier counter to make payment.

Motorists only need to launch the app, indicate the pump number and confirm payment details after refuelling before returning to the road.

General Manager of Products for Chevron, Singapore, Shahid Ahmed said:

“The fuel payment app is a step change for the local petrol station industry, and aligns with Singapore’s pursuit towards a cashless economy. We’ve listened to our customers’ demand for fast and friendly service, and this is another payment option to help motorists get back on the road in less time towards a more enjoyable journey.”

Chevron shared that the “CaltexGO spent a year under aggressive development, with co-creation and ideation support from Visa International, and quiet trials by local Caltex friends and family.”

The energy company also highlighted that though the app adds to the convenience to the motorists, they are reminded to consider safety precautions before using their smartphone at the petrol station.

“Drivers should use their phones, after their vehicle’s engine is switched off, inside an enclosed stationary vehicle or when inside the convenience store.

Mobile phone use remains a source of distraction, with increased personal safety risks from unpredictable vehicular traffic on the forecourt. As a safety precaution, customers are reminded to be mindful of their surroundings and focus on the refuelling task at hand.”

CaltexGO is now accepted at Caltex service stations island-wide and it is available on both iOS and Android devices. Motorists will enjoy an additional two per cent off their first mobile payment transaction.

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