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ClassPass is the world’s leading fitness membership that offers a vast range of workout classes for people across all ages. These classes include boxing, cycling, Pilates, CrossFit, Barre, dance and gym. However, these are fitness classes that many gyms are already offering, so what sets ClassPass apart?

Backed by Temasek, the fitness membership recently secured a series D funding of $85 million. Adding this to what they had already raised, the fitness membership now has $255 million, ready for them to expand their operations. Their ability to draw investments is no coincidence nor luck. Everything boils down to how their business model works.

Sign up classes using credits

ClassPass uses a global credits system. The credits allow users to sign up for a session of a workout using credits without having to pay more than what is required. Unlike other gyms, users often find themselves spending hundreds of dollars monthly for a pilates session. Often than not, what they are paying is for the use of the whole gym instead of just a pilates class. This is where ClassPass comes into play by helping these individuals zero-in on the workout they need than paying additional for those “good to have, but I don’t use it” facilities.

Also, as the name suggests, the global credits system can be used internationally. The fitness membership currently has over 10,000 partners in across 50 cities in America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and recently, Singapore.

Leverage on technology

To truly revolutionise the way workouts are done, ClassPass leverages on their proprietary technology to sets itself further apart from the rest of the gyms.

Two of such technologies are called ClassPass Live and ClassPass Go.

ClassPass Live is targeted at users who are unable to turn up for classes or prefer to do it at home by themselves or with their loved ones. All they need to do is to strap on the ClassPass heart rate monitor, join the class using the app, Chromecast the live feed to their TV, and they are set for a gym class.

Their heart rate monitor will be reflected on the screen along with other participants so that the instructor can communicate with the user about their condition, and keep them motivated at the same time.

On the other hand, ClassPass Go is more app-reliant. Users can search through more than 500 types of workout on the app, pick one and they are ready to go. During the exercise, their expert trainers will guide them with step-by-step instructions, tips and motivation when they need it most.

The ClassPass mobile app is now available on iOS and Android. With its launch in Singapore, they are currently running an exclusive launch promotion and pricing for newly registered members. Visit for more information.

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