Fitness First partners with fitness startup - Vitruvian - to introduce the revolutionary V-Form Trainer in Singapore

Fitness First partners with fitness startup – Vitruvian – to introduce the revolutionary V-Form Trainer in Singapore

Fitness First Singapore, through a strategic investment by parent company  Evolution Wellness Group into Australian connected fitness startup Vitruvian, has officially launched the  revolutionary V-Form Trainer in Singapore today. The V-Form Trainer is a sophisticated strength training  machine that intelligently adapts to users’ fitness levels and capabilities to improve the efficiency and  effectiveness of their resistance training. Fitness First is the first commercial gym brand in the world to  partner with Vitruvian to bring the V-Form Trainer to the market. 

Both members and non-members of Fitness First Singapore will get to experience the V-Form Trainer at the following club locations: Bugis Junction, Market Street, One Raffles Quay, Paragon, Fusionopolis, and  Westgate; also Gravity Club, a luxury brand by Fitness First. 

Driven by an algorithmic technology and an intelligent weight-loading system, the V-Form Trainer is able  to learn users’ habits and empower them to level up their training progressively and effectively, up to  180kg of resistance. From heavy deadlifts to squats and bicep curls, users can perform a wide range of  strength exercises on just a compact unit of the machine. The V-Form Trainer is also designed with a slim  carbon-fiber platform that is sleek and compact, which makes it easy to set up and store the machine.  This is highly favourable for fitness enthusiasts to use it in their living room, especially in land-scarce  Singapore where space is limited in public housing. 

The machine also eliminates guesswork for users to reach new fitness goals by tracking every movement  and reps carried out, via the Vitruvian App, or V-App. The V-app contains hundreds of coached sessions  including different exercise types across all muscle groups. Once connected to the app, users can access  an extensive list of workout ideas and suggested programmes that meet their fitness goals.  

This personalised piece of fitness equipment is geared towards eccentric training – a method commonly  practiced among athletes and is more effective compared to conventional training as it provides twice the  amount of workout in half the time. Eccentric training focuses on slowing down the elongation of the  muscle process in order to challenge the muscles and provides benefits such as building quicker strength  and encouraging greater muscle growth.  

“The connected fitness segment is among the fastest growing segments on the global fitness scene, and  the V-Form Trainer comes at a time where the pandemic has changed the way people think about their  health and fitness,” said Anil Chugani, Managing Director, Fitness First Singapore. “In fact, a survey  conducted recently by our parent company, Evolution Wellness, showed that there is greater appetite for  a hybrid approach to fitness now – people want options to exercise at home, as well as in the gym.” 

Almost 4,000 fitness-loving respondents took part in the survey across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Among these, around 600 respondents were from Singapore. While  we saw an increase in people turning to virtual classes during the Circuit Breaker period, just slightly over  half of the respondents reported feeling highly satisfied with their workouts at home. The top three  reasons for the dissatisfaction with working out at home were: The lack of the right fitness equipment  (51%), lack of motivation (48%), and lack of a motivating environment (40%).  

As soon as the gyms and fitness studios were allowed to reopen, this translated to close to 30% increase  of people turning back to offline workouts (including gyms and other outdoor activities). This data coincides with 37% of the respondents who highlighted that they rushed back to the gym immediately  after the lockdown ceased, while the remaining respondents shared that they will head back to the gym  between one week to six months. Only 14% of the respondents said they will continue solely with virtual  workouts.  

Mr Chugani added: “We are proud that Fitness First is the first fitness group in the world to partner with Vitruvian to launch the revolutionary V-Form Trainer, and for our team in Singapore to spearhead the  promotion of this industry-leading resistance machine in Asia. Introducing this cutting-edge training  technology further strengthens our position as market leaders in the fitness industry and is a testament  to our continuous efforts in empowering all to achieve their new personal bests.” 

Both members and non-members can experience the V-Form Trainer’s strength training capabilities in club and through Fitness First’s certified instructors by registering their interest at They may also purchase a machine for their own use via Fitness First  Singapore’s official website, which comes with attractive value-adds like accessory kits. More information  can also be found on the webpage. 

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