Brawl Stars

I’m not a smartphone gamer, so it’s an uncommon sight to see a game app on my phone.

That’s not until I was introduced to Brawl Stars. After writing about it, I was curious to see how good this game is and why people should take a closer look.

Hence, I downloaded it last week to try it out.

Besides trying, I also had the intention of playing it while commuting from one place to another, which that specific intention has unexpectedly progressed to

“I can’t stop thinking about it.”

So here are three reasons why I think gamers and non-gamers like me should check out Brawl Stars.

Characters are adorable

Brawl Stars_Brawlers

There are still tonnes of characters with powers that I’ve yet to unlock and explore. However, so far, I’ve been extremely impressed by how entertaining these characters look and behave, especially Poco, the skeleton Mexican-looking thing. These characters also have a brief background to their origin, which you can check them out here.


Brawl Stars is a no-brainer game with only one directional button, one firing button and an “ultimate” button that you can unleash your power once it’s built up. What the gamer needs to do is to walk around, shoot your enemy, collect gems and win. There are three more modes that you need to unlock, but I believe many of us will remain at GEM GRAB for a long time.

Team up with your friends or new friends

Brawl Stars Team Up

Though you are unable to chat with any players yet, you can still gather your friends to play the game together or befriend other players whom you’ve battled with before. You can also create your band to get your friends to join and win as many games as you can.

The Brawl Stars is now on iOS and Android. Download it, and you’ll fully understand what I mean.

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