You may have the impression that ConnecTechAsia is a business-to-business (B2B) type of convention. You are not wrong. Most people there are for business that is to getting their network firmed up and making the decision over the products or parts they wish to import or export. BUT it does not mean that there are no interesting booths at the event.

Hence, here are 4 tech booths that caught our attention at ConnecTechAsia.

Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate is an AI-integrated “thermostat.” It learns about your metabolic cycle and matches it against the weather, the temperature indoor, the time of the day and humidity to adjust your AC temperature to the most suitable level for your body, not too hot and not too cold. By doing this, it could also help you save up to 30% off your electricity bill while you feel comfortable in your house.

There is a mobile application where you can provide the AI with your data and feedback, schedule when you want the Ambi Climate to switch on or off and more, and it is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Banana Thermometer

Banana Thermometer at ConnecTechAsia

The Banana Thermometer is developed by a South Korean-based company called Femon. It is shaped in a Banana and is flexible enough to be placed under the armpits of infants or toddlers. With its mobile application, parents have real-time monitoring of their child’s body temperature. Parents can also set a specific temperature that they wish to be notified by the app when their child reaches that pre-determined level. The Banana Thermometer is made of non-toxic foam as it should, and it is IPX7-rated (waterproof).

Femon currently does not have other types of fruit designs, but depending on the market needs, they will consider. Someone at the booth did ask for durian design.

Switch Bee

Switch Bee at ConnecTechAsia

Switch Bee is an Israel-made smart switch that is easy to set up for your home and make thing smarter. By replacing your conventional switches with Switch Bee, through its mobile application, you can turn your lights on or off, your AC to turn on before you reached home, lower or raise your blinds, etc. One other thing that caught our eyes for this product is the Sticker Switch. As long as the connection is strong, you can bring this switch to wherever you are at home, stick it onto the wall to control your lightings or other appliances.

For more information, you can contact their local reseller, Activ Technology.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric

The IONIQ electric is a zero-emissions car. At a single charge, it can go for days without having to recharge but depending on your driving habits. Similar to conventional vehicles, it is equipped with controls that you need. However, there are a few things that stood out.

Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car

  1. Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) – When the AEB system detects a potential collision with a vehicle or a person, it will provide a visual and warning to the driver before it applies the brake automatically.
  2. Adaptive Smart Cruise Control (ASCC) – Keeps a pre-set distance between the car in front of the IONIQ electric. It will automatically reduce or increase speed to the pre-set limit.
  3. Cheap “refuel” – A full tank of petrol can cost more than $100. For a full tank of electricity to power the IONIQ electricity? Less than $10.
  4. V2V – It could be a pain for an electric car runs out of juice on the highway or anywhere else especially where charging points are limited on our island. When that happens, drivers can call Komoco Motors to despatch a “rescue” vehicle to charge up the IONIQ electric enough for a 44km drive.
  5. Komoco is giving buyers a 10-year 1 for 1 battery replacement and a one-year free charging at their service centre.

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