Your summer is about to get cooler

Hong Kong-based IoT startup Ambi Labs is continuing its streak of ground-breaking technology launches by introducing a new feature to its smart AC controller, saving households from AC arguments when temperatures become extreme this season. The feature, called Multi-user Comfort, is the latest upgrade to Ambi Climate, the world’s first AI-enabled air conditioner controller. Multi-user Comfort extends the reach of Ambi Climate to create thermal conditions by balancing the needs of all users in a room.

Your summer is about to get cooler

The existing Ambi Climate experience analyses multiple factors to smartly deliver comfort to one user, but in response to user feedback, Ambi Climate’s new Multi-user Comfort feature aims to balance everyone’s comfort and match individual needs and preferences, no matter how many people are present. Household battles about AC settings can now become a thing of the past.

“Customer experience means the world to us,” noted Ambi Labs CEO Julian Lee. “Many of our users asked us what to do if their comfort preferences were different from their loved ones… after all, most people don’t live in isolation… so we found a way to bridge common comfort differences and deliver balanced comfort to everyone in the same household, whether it’s a couple, family or roommates.”

Multi-user Comfort is based on the knowledge that thermal comfort is highly personal with no two people affected by the same factors in the same way. For instance, women normally feel colder than men since they have a lower metabolic rate. Age, height, weight and individual preference also make a difference. By considering and balancing these differences, Ambi Climate can take multiple users into account and promote energy saving by preventing wasteful overcooling or overheating.

Summer weather is usually difficult and creates a lot of discomforts; the pressure created in the air, lack of wind and increased sunlight all lead to the intense heat that’s becoming hard to fight. With this year’s heatwaves and extreme weather conditions, air conditioner usage is significantly increasing, making the need for smart AC control even greater.

“We know that hot and cold temperatures are becoming extreme. Whether it’s for heating or cooling, Ambi Climate with Multi-user Comfort means the needs of everyone in a household can be considered, keeping everyone not only comfortable but safe,” Mr Lee said.

The feature works when the AC is running and Ambi Climate is in comfort mode. Any user connected to the device can update their own comfort preferences and contribute to the Multi-user Comfort effect. Ambi Climate will automatically combine their individual feedback into a combined comfort profile and auto-adjust the AC settings to balance everyone’s needs.

Ambi Climate uses AI technology to learn from user feedback as well as other factors such as sunlight and humidity to auto-adjust AC settings for better-personalised comfort, saving up to 30% energy. It also boasts advanced features such as voice integrations, including Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, and Geolocation to enable a truly smart home experience.