As part of a global collaboration coinciding with the release of the much-anticipated, Star Wars: The Last Jedi film, Philips has launched a set of specially designed shavers that is bound to catch the eye of all Star Wars fans. I am referring to the Philips’ limited edition Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ shavers.

There are in total three different designs for this edition. The Poe Dameron-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW6700/14, the BB-8-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW5700/07 and the Stormtrooper-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW170/04.

Thanks to Philips, I got to try out the Philips Poe-Dameron Shaver, which is also my first electric shaver.

So here’s my review of the Poe Dameron-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW6700/14.

Unboxing of the Philips Poe-Dameron Shaver

The first thing that greeted me when I flipped open the box is a nicely designed travel pouch that houses the shaver. Having a travel pouch to store the shaver makes it convenient for me to slot it into my bag when I travel or bring it to work. The pouch is hardy, so it does a good job protecting the shaver from knocks.

Philips Poe Dameron Shaver-18

The package also contained a two-pin charger and a precision trimmer, which can be attached to the shaver’s body for a more precise trim. The charging cable that the shaver uses is not USB. So I will have to bring the charger along when I travel for an extended period, which is not a big deal.

Look and feel

The Poe Dameron-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver feels excellent in the hands. It is nicely sculpted to allow either side of my hands to have the maximum grip on it while I shave. The design is on point right down to the scratched metal and the red stripes that resemble the X-wing Starfighter that we see in the Star Wars movies. At one point, my colleagues who are not fans of the sci-fi film questioned why the shaver looked used and old, which proved my point on how well the shaver is designed, inheriting the essence of the spacecraft.


The Philips Poe-Dameron Shaver has V-track Precision PRO blades that “position the hair in the best cutting position on a 3-day stubble, even for flat-lying and different length of hairs.” Also, it “cuts 30 percent closer in less stroke leaving the skin in great condition.”

Hidden underneath the cover of the blades is 72 self-sharpening blades that produce 151,000 cuts per minute. The eight-direction ContourDetectHeads also help to glide around contours of the face and neck effortlessly, giving me an even better and smoother shave.

For a speedier shave, the Philips Poe Dameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver is also packed with the Turbo+ mode that gives it a 20 percent extra power boost to shave faster especially on areas that are more dense with hair or when I’m in a hurry.

Aquatec Wet & Dry

The shaver also has the Aquatec Wet & Dry seal, which gives me the flexibility of opting for a dry shave or a wet shave with gel or foam or even under the shower. It is entirely washable, so cleaning and maintaining the shaver is easier since I’m able to rinse it thoroughly under the tap.

Charging Time

To charge the Philips Poe-Dameron Shaver entirely takes less than an hour during my test and like what’s stated in its technical specifications, I managed to get one good shave with just a 5-minute quick charge (this test was done before I charge the shaver fully for this review). I like the fact that the shaver is rechargeable as I do not have to worry about running out of batteries when I desperately need a good shave.

The Shaving Test

To be honest, I am a traditional shaver kind of guy, and I have been one since 20 years ago. The reason why I am finally trying out an electric shaver is that firstly, it is the Star Wars edition and secondly, I always wonder if electric shavers are better than the conventional ones, and also if it will leave me with the super annoying razer burns. So for this test, I grew myself some stubble and tried shaving it with my usual shaver and the Philips Star Wars Shaver.

Here’s a short video on my test:

Philips Poe Cameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver
This side was shaved using the Philips Poe Dameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver
regular shaver
This side was shaved using the regular shaver.

My Thoughts

Personally, I feel that comparing the two; the Philips Poe Dameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver did a better job. I had a much cleaner shave, and my skin felt smoother than the side where I used the regular shaver. I’m also delighted that it did not give me any razor burn or irritation. However, I think that I will need more practice using the Philips shaver so that I can get the most optimal shave in a lesser amount of time.

Bye or Buy

All in all, I believe that the Philips Poe Dameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver is value for money. Not only does it give me a clean shave, it also allows me to wash it under water without having to worry if it will short-circuit. The travel pouch is handy and it puts my mind at ease from worrying about the knocks when it is in my bag or other items stacking on top of it, damaging it in the process.

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, the Philips Poe Dameron Shaver is definitely a good buy. However, if you want to get it, do not procrastinate for too long because it is limited edition and it will just be available until 31 December this year.

The Philips Poe Dameron-Inspired Star Wars Shaver retails at S$219.00, and you can only find it exclusively at Best Denki. It also comes with a two-year warranty, and you can replace the head every two years with the SH90.

If you are more interested in the BB-8-inspired Philips Star Wars Shaver SW5700/07 or the Philips Star Wars Dry Electric Shaver in Stormtrooper-inspired SW170/04, you can get them at S$149.00 and S$109.00 respectively on Philips e-store and selected electronic stores, major departmental stores and authorised dealers.

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