BenQ has launched its latest and the world’s first DLP 4K UHD LED Home Cinema Projector, the X12000, which is capable of bringing out details that you have never seen before on screen or on your wall at home.


According to BenQ, the X12000 “balances the wide-gamut high-brightness output of Philips ColorSpark HLD LEDs with world-exclusive CinematicColor Technology to accurately produce the DCI-P3 colour space.” To break it down for the layman, this means that the image quality that is projected will look bright and vibrant as if you were watching movies in a cinema minus the ambience and the smell of popcorns. 

Also, thanks to the Philips ColorSpark HLD LED technology, the X12000 is capable of “generating 2,200 lumens of brightness for use in any well-lit environment.” But the keywords here are well-lit environment. If you are in a dim or dark room, the 2,200 lumens of brightness could make it hard for your eyes to open. So you probably need to tone the brightness down a little with the settings. Adding on to enhance the movie-watching experience, the lens also packs 8.3 million distinct pixels that greatly increase the level of sharpness of the video.

One thing to take note is that the X12000 is not a small projector nor is it portable. It weighs at 18.5kg and measures at 470.7 x 224.9 x 564.7 mm. It’s big but if you think about the amount of technology put into this body, it kind of makes sense.

The BenQ X12000 home theatre projector is now available for purchase and it will cost you SGD 9,299 inclusive of GST.

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Specifications of X12000 Spec Sheet

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