Technology has disrupted our lifestyle in many ways such as changing the way we lock our doors, the way we turn on our lights and also the way we shop. So when Bluesmart introduces its luggage system with technology embedded in it, it comes as no surprise. But what impressed us the most is how they have put travellers at the top of their mind when designing their products.


Raised more than USD1,000,000, the Bluesmart series has crowdfunded more than just production cost for its latest products on Indiegogo. Their smart luggage system presents solutions to the present need of the frequent travellers and opens up the future for more changes to the way people use their luggage, pouches or bags.

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There are many products out there in the market that can track and lock your belongings by just using a GPS and an app. Bluesmart can do exactly the same thing but with additional essential features. Hidden in one of its compartments is a Supercharger to charge up the users’ smartphones or any other electronic products. According to Bluesmart, it can charge up your devices up to six times.


Another useful feature for travellers is the Smart Weight function. The weight sensors embedded in the luggage can detect its estimated weight, alerting you if you need to remove items from it so that you can board the plane with no last minute fuss. Bluesmart also developed a Digital Auto-Locking System, which locks itself when you or the luggage is away from you. This is extremely useful especially for absent-minded travellers. Christmas gift, anyone?

The Bluesmart Series 2 comes with a carry-on luggage, a checked bag, a laptop bag, and a passport pouch. It is currently still available for pre-order on Indiegogo. So do check it out for bundles on offer.


Mark Ko

Mark Ko

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