LG Electronics has launched its first Asia Business Innovation Centre in Singapore, as a platform for business clients to personally view LG’s comprehensive range of digital signage solutions and experience their outstanding features. Having an interactive showroom such as this Centre will enhance the customer’s purchasing experience, by allowing businesses to understand how they can use innovative technologies to transform their information delivery strategies and supercharge their customer engagement.

Singapore was the ideal and strategic location for LG to set up its Centre for the Asian region, due to:

i) Singapore’s travelling accessibility and status as a regional business hub, which makes it logistically convenient to conduct proof-of-concept (POC) of new technologies that could be adapted to other countries.

ii) The strong encouragement from the Singapore government for businesses to move towards innovation with The SMEs Go Digital Programme, where governmental support and resources worth S$80 million will be offered to help local small medium enterprises (SMEs) embrace technology.

iii) The existence of high technology adoption rate among businesses in Singapore. Most local organisations have already started adopting digital signage since a few years ago, to interact with customers on a large scale and in creative ways.

Tech Coffee House visited the Centre on its opening day to view LG’s cutting-edge digital displays, said to cater to every sector, from hospitality to retail, transportation to government and more. Without a doubt, the pristine sharp clarity and vibrant colour of the visual content than ran on the various OLED displays blew our minds.

OLED Displays – The Future of Digital Signage

As the talk of the TV Technology town, the OLED’s self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce absolute blacks with no light bleed, thus offering infinite contrast. These tiles promise accurate colour reproduction to offer vivid display. With just two layers and no backlight, OLED displays are incredibly lightweight and thin. Their wide-viewing angles also deliver an awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen.

Here are the industry-leading B2B digital signage solutions that will be available at the LG Asia Business Innovation Centre.

OLED Dual-View Curved Tiling Signage

OLED Dual Curve 2
Picture Credits: LG

LG’s slim and versatile 65-inch one by four Dual-View Curved Tiling OLED Signage consists of eight connected double-sided, flexible OLED panels for superior image rendering viewed from any angle.

Each panel offers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) image quality with 3,840 x 2,160 individual pixels while its system on a chip and 128GB of internal memory work together to deliver perfect UHD playback without the need for a separate computer or media player.

The Dual-View Flat OLED Signage (55EH5C) blends pencil-thin design, artistic value and display functionality into one. It boasts Full HD resolution, a brightness level of 400 cd/square metres as well as an impressive bezel of 2mm. Thanks to its innovative slim design, it offers a dual-view display which saves on space while optimally screening the contents. It can also be suspended from the ceiling, deployed as a floor stand or mounted on the wall.

Scalable Video Walls for Creative Installations

Video Wall
Picture Credits: LG

Businesses and organisations can now come up with creative ways in offering spellbinding and interactive experience, with LG’s OLED Video Wall. A 65-inch OLED Video Wall is available for guests at LG’s Asia Business Innovation Centre, should they wish to get a feel of how this beauty would add a vibrant and dynamic touch to their own commercial space.

A great part of this is that the 1×3 OLED Video Wall unit can be connected with other units to create signs of various configurations. Moreoever, the Wall is easy to install and can be customised to create creative solutions that deliver experiences with a great impact. Also, they are equipped with an image adjustment algorithm that can adjust to objects located within the bezel boundary for a seamless viewing experience.

LCD Video Walls Push the Boundaries of Interactive Engagement  

Narrow Bezel
Picture Credits: LG

LG’s 55-inch LCD screens with the world’s narrowest even bezel will also be on display at the Centre. Having a narrow bezel (as seen above) enables the overall video wall image to resemble a single, complete display.

To name some of the places in Singapore that have included these attractive features at their sites, the Social Tree at the heart of Changi Airport’s Terminal One has incorporated LG’s LCD video walls to bring the fun to visitors and travellers. Towering at 8.7-meter-high and 11.1-meter-wide, the installation is made out of 64 47-inch digital displays in the form of a cylindrical video wall, and eight kiosks where travellers can post images and also share photographs and videos via Facebook and email. The design furthermore incorporates 100 bars that stretch up and flex outwards, a tribute to Changi Airport’s international reach.

Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre has also left a lasting impression on its visitors with its mega LCD digital wall. Famously known as The Big Picture, it showcases contents of Suntec Singapore’s Convention and Exhibition Centre’s facilities, partners, events and advertisers. The installation is touted by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest high-definition video wall, combining 664 LCD screens and standing at more than three stories high and 60 metres wide.

Digital Retail Signage Solutions to Enhance the Overall Customer Experience

Picture Credits: LG

LG has in its arsenal digital retail signage solutions that can enliven the customer experience while improving return on investment. They boast the ability to screen high-definition marketing content that can attract customers’ attention to increase footfall, achieve impact, strengthen customer loyalty with consistent branding messages and push conversion rates with engaging product information and expanded assortment offerings.

Ultra Stretch for an Immersive Viewing

Ultra Stretch
Picture Credits: LG

The Ultra Stretch Digital Signage is an ultra-wide 58:9 bar-type widescreen display that delivers an immersive UHD viewing experience in an extraordinary 3,840 x 600 format. Thanks to its Picture-by-Picture feature, it can divide a screen into four parts, displaying up to four separate types of video content simultaneously.

The solution utilises the LG Ultra Stretch Content Manager software for fast and convenient customisation of images and video content. Therefore, updating advertising messages and content will longer be a hassle, as a convenient feature in a fast-paced industry.

Ultra HD, Ultra Impressive

Ultra UD.jpg
Picture Credits: LG

Also present at the LG Asia Business Innovation Centre are the industry-leading LCD digital signage technologies, such as the 98LS95A, an UHD Premium Large Display that is an alternative to the traditional 2×2 video wall. Having the same outstanding features as other similar models, these displays promise flawless content delivery on a large screen as well as nifty features such as the Picture-by-Picture or Picture-in-Picture, which offers four divided split screens in landscape or portrait formats.

The signage solutions’ high-performance System-on-Chips can execute several tasks at the same time and guarantee smooth content playback. They boast Picture-by-Picture and Picture-in-Picture features so brand owners can decide the best layouts for their advertisements. The webOS platform also makes content creation a cinch while LG’s software development kit makes content development and management easy. Best of all, the content can be created, distributed and controlled without a need for a dedicated computer or server, so there is no need to hire a tech personnel just to maintain it.

The LG Asia Business Innovation Centre holds more unique and innovative display technologies, which can redefine retail outlets, shopping complexes, convention centres, transportation interchanges, airports, museums, libraries, restaurants and bistros, and even hotels.

Also at the Centre is the Unique LED Transparent Film. It is said to be the first of its kind in the market, incorporating LED diodes in a transparent film that can be installed over windows to expand installation options. Converting ordinary glass into stunning digital signage, this LED film can offer eye-catching digital content and information while interacting seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

To find out more about the kind of displays and signage solutions that can transform your space, do drop by the Business Innovation Centre at 991C Alexandra Road, Singapore 119971.

P/S: An interesting feature that Tech Coffee House observed during the launch of the Centre, was LG’s mini refrigerator fitted with an interactive LCD glass door, which allows retailers to store beverages while displaying semi-transparent visual content (in this case, the product information) directly onto the glass. Amazing, isn’t it?!

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