LG’s transparent OLED collaborates with Ella, robotic barista to deliver interactive, immersive customer experience

LG’s transparent OLED collaborates with Ella, robotic barista to deliver interactive, immersive customer experience

In the era of minimized physical and face-to-face contact, LG Electronics (LG) presents a modern-day solution with the innovation of its transparent OLED signage. LG unveiled a 55-inch transparent OLED signage (model name: 55EW5F-A) installed at Singapore’s first fully automated coffee kiosk, Ella, The Robotic Barista by Crown Digital. The autonomous kiosk is situated at the first floor of Plaza Singapura, located on Orchard Road, Singapore’s largest retail downtown area.

At the kiosk, customers will be greeted with the LG transparent OLED signage and Ella, an AI-powered barista sits behind the screen. Information on how to use the unmanned kiosk is flashed on the transparent OLED screen and customers can place an order through an unmanned ordering system or a dedicated app. After ordering, they can witness the robot making coffee through the transparent screen.

The transparent OLED signage also captures the attention of shoppers by displaying a promotional video and the Robotic Barista in action. 

LG transparent OLED offers an elevated platform for information display via a see-through view and brings content to life by overlaying information over objects. Customers can admire how coffee is made through the screen and watch the video playing on the screen simultaneously, allowing them to have an immersive experience while getting a quick caffeine fix.

The installation of transparent OLED signage at Ella, The Robotic Barista is meaningful as it signifies a blueprint for diverse opportunities for businesses, not just in retail and services but also for public and corporate settings like schools, transport hubs, museums and banks, providing a safe, seamless and contactless solution in the non-face-to-face era. It can also be used in the interior of autonomous vehicles or aircraft cabins in the future.

LG’s OLED technology features self-lighting pixels, maintaining accurate and vivid colours, delivering awe-inspiring picture quality even when viewing from wide viewing angles. The customizable and expendable design allows for the signage to be used in various ways, even tiled together to create an immersive large screen.

“Leveraging on the company’s expertise in OLED technology, our transparent OLED signage continues to deliver innovative, contactless solutions to accelerate digitalization of businesses in the new normal,” said Chun SungHo, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “We are excited to work with our partners to drive their business goals and tap on the unlimited potential of the usage of our screens.”

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