The Lunar New Year is around the corner. Like many other married couples with their own nests, my wife and I are busy tidying up the house that was left to rot since the last New Year. While tidying, I realised that we needed of an extension plug that can provide the juice for our laptops at our dining area. Hence, I decided to drop by SELFFIX to get one.

When I was there, I behaved like any other men. I headed straight to what I need, grabbed it and went to the counter for payment. Usually, I am not that kind who will take a look at what’s placed at the counter. But this time, I did. I saw this weird looking odd-shaped extension plug with 2 x USB charging ports! WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT?

Without much hesitation, I decided to chuck the one I had on hand and paid for this squarish weirdo. The name’s PowerCube.

The PowerCube has 4 x power outlets and 2 x USB ports at max. 2.1A/5V each. But to tell you the truth, I only noticed these specifications when I got home while taking photos of it. I guessed I got too excited with its aesthetics that whatever specifications it has did not matter. But hey, it turned out okay, right?


The PowerCube is designed by this company called, allocacoc. Based on their default site, which is set as Netherlands, I take it that they are a Dutch company. Basically, I think the design looks great and it’s a breath of fresh air for extension plugs. No more longish, length occupying extension. I can even imagine myself bringing it along when I travel.

The bottom line is, I like it. It is compact and with 2 x USB charging ports, what more can I ask for? The only downside that I can think of is that if you have all ports plugged in, the cube may not sit flat due to the bulge thanks to the plugs. You may want to take this point into consideration. Damn you OCD!

PowerCube is currently selling at SGD35.60 at SELFFIX. They do have other types of extension plugs where you can stack them up like Legos. I’ve back-linked the company above for you to check out their goods. So if you are looking for an extension plug with an oddball design, you may want to give this a try.


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