SINGAPORE, 18 December 2020 – Canon has announced a new addition to its video content analysis plug-ins, the Facial Recognition Application for Milestone Systems’[1] XProtect® video management software[2] (VMS). This application detects a person up to 10 metres away with 15 pixels eye width, even with a face mask or sunglasses on.

The video content analysis plug-ins are designed to work with any network cameras running on Milestone Systems’ open platform VMS, and offers greater video-analysis efficiency alongside personal data protection. Facial Recognition Application is the latest addition to the plug-ins, alongside Crowd People Counter, People Counter, Passer-by Counter and Moving Object Mask plug-ins.

Canon Enhances its Video Surveillance Offerings with Facial Recognition Technology

Norman Ayob, Assistant Director, Imaging & Analytics Solution,Canon Singapore, said: “Video surveillance and security has become even more important in the new normal as organisations have to ensure that places are not overcrowded and safe distancing measures are observed. Canon’s video surveillance offerings are now well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers today by providing the versatility to recognise and detect people even if they are wearing masks, face shields and sunglasses. We hope that this new addition to our video surveillance offering will help organisations enhance their security in the most convenient way.”

Canon’s video content analysis plug-ins works on Milestone Systems’ open platform VMS, and facilitate practical applications in the field of marketing on top of safety and security aspects. Leveraging on the valuable video data, users can better understand foot traffic patterns, empower in-store marketing, measure sales conversion and manage queues effectively. 

The range of plug-ins provide users with various detection functions that support intelligent video content analysis, such as detecting people with face masks or sunglasses from afar, counting the number of people, mapping and displaying areas of congestion, determining crowds within a designated area as well as visualising foot traffic flows.

The Facial Recognition Application for Milestone XProtect® VMS runs live streaming of face registration and profile match via watchlist threshold effortlessly.

Canon’s range of video surveillance plug-ins include:

  • Crowd People Counter plug-in for Milestone Systems’ XProtect® VMS counts more than 80,000 people using 4K resolution in a single frame and allows selection of up to four polygonal areas of interest for live-counting within the same frame. With the aggregated count, the software then tabulates the crowd data in a live graph view for easy analysis, helping users to make informed decisions while improving response time.  
  • People Counter plug-in for Milestone Systems’ XProtect® VMS automatically tabulates up to 1,500 people on full HD live stream and when combined with Passer-by Counter plug-in, users can predetermine a passing line in the video frame and allow the software to count people crossing the defined line in any direction. The automated counting reduces the amount of time required to collect data and enhances video-analysis efficiency significantly.
  • Moving Object Mask plug-in for Milestone Systems’ XProtect® VMS replaces moving objects captured on live or recorded videos with silhouettes, offering privacy-sensitive monitoring and absolute personal data protection. Users can simply login via the Milestone Systems’ XProtect® Smart Client or Mobile Access to view all of the live analytics.


The Facial Recognition Application, Crowd People Counter, People Counter, Passer-by Counter and Moving Object Mask plug-ins for Milestone Systems’  XProtect® VMS are currently available. 

[1] Milestone Systems, headquartered in Denmark, is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software. Since 2014, Milestone Systems has joined the Canon Group and operates as a stand-alone company.

[2] The Canon VCA plug-in was developed using the XProtect Software Development Kit (SDK) offered by Milestone Systems.

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