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Blockchain technology set to disrupt commercial real estate

Blockchain technology and real estate

The global leader in commercial real estate services, Colliers International, has launched a new research report assessing the impacts of blockchain technology in the context of the commercial real estate (CRE) in Asia. Blockchain has become part of the basic vocabulary of many industries over the past decade. The authentication and security possibilities opened by

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Cryptocurrency: What is a smart contract?

What is smart contract?

With so many terms being thrown about in the digital world, you may have heard about smart contracts too. So what exactly is it? A smart contract is a self-executing program with pre-set conditions defined by the creator of the agreement – smart because it’s executing something automatically once the requirements are met, and ‘crypto’

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Cryptocurrency: What is blockchain?

Blockchain: What is it? - Read more on techcoffeehouse.com

Online shopping, checking emails, updating your social network. We do all these and more on a daily basis, and almost all online activities require some digital identity. Each time we need to prove who we are, we have to reveal some information about ourselves. So what does blockchain have to do with all these interactions?

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What is Ethereum?


While everyone’s talking about Bitcoins, you may have also heard about Ethereum. So what is it? Ethereum is a decentralised platform using blockchain technology that runs on smart contracts – a code that lets you exchange money, property, shares or anything of value. Because smart contracts run on the blockchain, they are secure and tamper-proof

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What you need to know about cryptocurrencies and more

What are cryptocurrencies

Everyone’s been talking about bitcoins and virtual currencies. Some people are excited about them, while others fear them. Most of us are just confused – is it the money of the future, how does it work, should I get them? Worry not. Read on and get some clarity on a topic that’s got everyone talking.

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