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Bitcoin: here to stay or is it running out of steam?

Rana Gupta, Vice President, Identity and Data Protection, Asia Pacific, Gemalto We’re now into the second decade of Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency still aiming to take the world by storm. Passing the 10-year mark for any...

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Trading cryptocurrency?

With so much talk about cryptocurrency these days, you probably want in on some of the action. Read on for some simple tips to help you trade cryptocurrency. If you’re keen to start trading...

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What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining involves verifying transactions that are then added to the blockchain ledger. The people who are validating these transactions are called “miners”. “Miners” solve complex mathematical calculations, and are rewarded with a new...

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What is Ethereum?

While everyone’s talking about Bitcoins, you may have also heard about Ethereum. So what is it? Ethereum is a decentralised platform using blockchain technology that runs on smart contracts – a code that lets...