Keeper Security Enhances Cybersecurity Capabilities with Integration of Keeper Secrets Manager and ServiceNow

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Keeper Security, a front-runner in zero-trust and zero-knowledge cybersecurity software, has announced the integration of Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM) with ServiceNow. This integration empowers enterprises with a fully managed, cloud-based platform to efficiently manage and safeguard their secrets, offering both affordability and seamless deployment.

Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM) serves as Keeper’s platform designed to secure critical infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, and certificates. KSM plays a pivotal role in securing organizational environments by eliminating secrets sprawl, a challenge often posed by hard-coded credentials in source code, config files, and CI/CD systems. On the other hand, ServiceNow, a global provider of workflow automation and business-process automation solutions, brings its expertise to the table.

Craig Lurey, CTO, and Co-founder of Keeper Security highlighted the benefits of this integration, stating, “By integrating with Keeper, ServiceNow users now have the ability to dynamically retrieve credentials from the Keeper Vault without storing any credentials on the instance. This furthers our mission to provide cost-effective, efficient, and robust cybersecurity solutions and empowers DevOps and DevSecOps teams with the critical tools they need to manage and protect their secrets.”

The partnership has garnered praise from Erica Volini, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at ServiceNow, who emphasized the collaborative nature of successful partnerships. Volini stated, “Partnerships succeed best when we lean into our unique skills and expertise and have a clear view into the problem we’re trying to solve. Keeper Secrets Manager extends our reach well beyond where we can go alone and represents the legacy and goals of the Now Platform. I am thrilled to see the continued innovation we will achieve together to help organizations succeed in the era of digital business.”

To enhance the security posture of enterprises, the integration facilitates ServiceNow Orchestration, ServiceNow Discovery, and ServiceNow Service Mapping to seamlessly retrieve credentials from the user’s vault within the Keeper Vault. Importantly, no credentials are stored on the ServiceNow instance, mitigating integration and audit challenges and reducing the organization’s attack surface. This integration provides ServiceNow users with a robust solution to eliminate secrets sprawl, mitigating potential security risks and compliance issues.

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