Deel has unveiled Deel IQ, an AI-driven global work assistant. This innovative tool provides employers, from startups to large enterprises, with easy access to reliable global HR information and insights.

Deel IQ leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT, bolstered by Deel’s extensive Global Knowledge Base, curated by a team of 200 in-house local HR experts and lawyers. This powerful combination enables Deel IQ to serve as a singular source for compliance information, transforming any organization into a global HR expert.

With Deel IQ, businesses can gain precise knowledge on local laws and best practices in over 150 countries worldwide, ensuring regulatory compliance for employees across various locations.

Additionally, employers can extract swift, actionable data points directly from their company’s data via the Deel platform, obtaining instant reports on metrics like employee-related costs and skill area distribution, without relying on manual reporting methods.

Karen Ng, Regional Head of Expansion & Market Lead at Deel, stated, “Deel IQ empowers businesses to effortlessly access reliable global HR information and insights, tailored to their own workforce data. This equips leaders and HR teams with the information needed for informed hiring decisions.”

Deel IQ maintains the security of contract and invoice data through robust layers of protection. Access to both the AI and database is confined to Deel’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), safeguarding against public data exposure. The tool also enforces access controls, ensuring that only authorized users can retrieve data.

Deel IQ is currently in beta and available for Deel customers to explore.

Pictured (from Left to Right) are Ilana Elbaz, Head of International Sales, Karen Ng, Regional Head of Expansion & Market Lead Hong Kong, Singapore, ASEAN, India, and Julian Wong, Mid Market Account Executive at the launch of Deel in Singapore.
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