TL;DR: Job platform SEEK, owner of Southeast Asia’s prominent career portals JobStreet and JobsDB, has introduced JobStreet Express in Singapore. The platform aims to facilitate the hiring of semi-skilled workers for employers and provide hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans with easier, safer, and faster access to job opportunities. The semi-skilled sector represents over 40% of job openings in Singapore, and SEEK’s new platform aims to streamline the recruitment process for this segment, which is particularly vital in industries like F&B, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, and General Services.

SEEK, the parent company of leading career platforms JobStreet and JobsDB in Southeast Asia, has launched JobStreet Express in Singapore. This innovative platform is designed to address the challenge of filling semi-skilled job positions in the country. With over 40% of job vacancies falling within this category, SEEK aims to provide a solution that streamlines the hiring process for both employers and job seekers, particularly in industries like F&B, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, and General Services.

JobStreet Express, developed by an integrated Asia Pacific team, is part of SEEK’s substantial investment in growth initiatives in the region. This initiative builds upon SEEK’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its competitiveness by unifying its core product and technology platforms across Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. Anshu Nahar, Managing Director, Express & Flex at SEEK, stated, “Through JobStreet Express, SEEK is committed to serving this segment with a dedicated platform, backed by millions of dollars of investment, our years of expertise, world-class technology and trusted brand.”

The platform is designed with a mobile-first approach to cater to the majority of users in the semi-skilled segment, who are often on the move. SEEK’s proprietary matching technology connects talent with employers based on their experiences, availability, and preferences. JobStreet Express aims to expedite the application process, closing it in a matter of hours or days, a significant improvement compared to traditional recruitment processes that may take weeks or even months.

In a move to further simplify the hiring process, JobStreet Express plans to make resumes optional on the platform by the end of the year. Talents can provide necessary information directly on their profiles, eliminating the need for employers to sift through numerous resumes for every role they post. This enhancement allows talents to focus on applying for jobs rather than crafting or updating their resumes, especially challenging on a mobile device.

While optional paid features will be introduced in due course to enhance speed and matching capabilities, the platform’s basic functions, including the ability for any employer to post any semi-skilled role and for any Singaporean to apply, will always remain free and accessible to everyone in Singapore. SEEK envisions expanding JobStreet Express across the Asia-Pacific region in the near future, demonstrating their commitment to providing tailored solutions for a more inclusive and productive workforce.

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