Canon’s MAXIFY MegaTank GX6570 is a new addition to Canon’s MegaTank lineup. It sets a new standard in compact and efficient printing.

This product addresses the pressing challenges faced by small businesses with limited space and height constraints, delivering a printer designed to fit seamlessly into tight cabinets or beneath work desks.

The full-front operation design reimagines accessibility, ensuring businesses can optimize every square inch of their workspace.

To find out more about the story behind the product, we speak with Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore, who provides insights into the unique features and benefits of the MegaTank GX6570.

What inspired the design of the MegaTank GX6570, especially the full-front operation design?

One of the limitations commonly faced by small businesses is space constraints.

Often, small businesses use spaces that consist of small office spaces or even their homes to conduct their day-to-day operations. As such, making efficient use of space is crucial.

The MegaTank GX6570 is designed to fulfil the operational needs of small businesses where the printer can be installed in a tight cabinet or under a work desk.

The printer comes with a first-of-its-kind, full-front operation design, which is especially useful for small businesses with space limitations and height placement constraints.

How does this design address the needs of small businesses with limited space and height constraints?

Copying and scanning even with limited space and height constraints have never been easier.

This is possible because the MegaTank GX6570 has a front-facing, duplex auto document feeder (DADF) design that makes scanning or copying documents more intuitive and convenient, even when the printer is installed in a tight cabinet or under a work desk.

Can you elaborate on the advantages of the front-facing duplex auto document feeder (DADF) design for users in small spaces?

The new front-facing design provides front access even when operating the printer at level height, such as at front reception desks. This provides an unparalleled ease of use and convenience that users would have not experienced before.

Double-sided document originals can be scanned easily in one pass without the need to turn over the pages manually.

How does the ID copy feature enhance user convenience?

With the ID copy feature, both sides of business cards or identification cards can be scanned easily with guided instructions on the display panel, taking away the confusion whether the front-side or reverse-side of a previously printed page is to be reinserted in the right orientation.

Could you explain how the all-pigment formulation in the GI-76 ink bottles results in high-quality prints?

The all-pigment formulation produces high-quality prints with intense contrast, accurate colour reproduction, and laser print-like sharpness. Text and colour also resist bleeding or smudging when it comes to accidental water spills.

How do documents that resist water spills and highlighter ink benefit users?

The great thing about our quick-drying pigment ink is that printed or highlighted text remains clear and vivid if the document is accidentally exposed to water, such as with water spills in the office or the odd soaking in the rain from your commute.

Our customers don’t have to worry about reprinting their documents, reducing paper waste and resources. This is also especially useful for important documents such as legal documents and medical records, which help protect sensitive information from being damaged.

Can you discuss how the MegaTank GX6570 boosts business productivity, especially in terms of handling large print jobs?

The MegaTank GX6570 is equipped with an automatic duplex printing engine for optimum efficiency in printing. The non-impact inkjet technology allows it to print on a variety of matte and glossy surface media, as well as envelopes and labels. The total paper loading capacity also has a massive 350 sheets, reducing the need to replace paper frequently, and improving business workflow.

How do the large ink tanks and high-volume ink bottles contribute to cost savings for businesses?

With ultra-high page yield ink bottles, users can print up to 14,000 colour documents and 6,000 greyscale documents.

The built-in economy mode can further drive the print yields to 21,000 and 9,000 pages in colour and grayscale.

This means people can purchase fewer ink bottles and lower the total cost of ownership in the printer’s lifetime, great for people who print a lot and don’t want to spend too much on ink.

What advanced security features does the MegaTank GX6570 offer to protect sensitive documents?

MegaTank GX6570 offers integrated security features that ensure the protection of sensitive documents, data snooping, and secure connections with support for WPA enterprise security (WPA3) and the latest TLS 1.3 network protocol.

How does the printer ensure secure connections and compatibility with wireless networks and smart devices?

Secure connections are possible with support for WPA enterprise security (WPA3) and the latest TLS 1.3 network protocol, which uses encryption protocols to protect the data being transferred

Users of Smart device can enjoy the flexibility of interacting with the printer in two ways: (a) direct to printer without the need for a router, and (b) in infrastructural Wi-Fi mode, typical of home Wi-Fi setups in home or home offices scenario.

In a digital age, why is there still a demand for printers like the MegaTank GX6570?

The need for personal printers has grown as a result of remote work and home offices. People now require their own printers for convenience and productivity.

Many people and businesses still require physical copies of papers for compliance and record-keeping purposes, including as contracts, reports, forms, and letters.

Additionally, the MegaTank GX6570 is great for encouraging a variety of creative endeavors, like scrapbooking and handicraft.

Can you highlight how the MegaTank GX6570 adapts to the changing needs of modern businesses?

Downsizing of offices and shared workspaces is the main reason why MegaTank GX6570 will come in useful. Environments with space limitations and height placement constraints will find this design especially useful.

In addition to that, the printer offers a unique benefits-configuration of extremely low running costs, very high yields, and water-resistant documents on plain paper.

How does the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY mobile app enhance the user experience?

The Canon PRINT app has been completely redesigned with a more intuitive UI, making the process of device setup, connection, printing and scanning documents directly from a mobile device easier than ever before. It also provides access to Canon’s proprietary cloud services. including document capture to the cloud to provide users with a comprehensive one-stop solution for their printing needs.

What customization options are available for the printer’s Home Screen?

Users can register favourite settings, orrearrange the icons on the home screen so that the most useful functions come to the fore or in a sequence that best suits current needs.

Are there any upcoming innovations or features in the pipeline for Canon’s printer products?

We are always looking at providing unique options to serve users not just in the home or home office printing segment but also business users.

Users can always look forward to developments that will advance productivity, easy maintenance, and great savings in long-term operation.

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