TL;DR: Handcrafted luxury smartphone brand, VERTU, debuts its METAVERTU 2 at Token2049 Singapore, the premier crypto-focused event in the region. This cutting-edge smartphone boasts a decentralized operating system (DOS) prioritizing security, catering to blockchain and Web3 enthusiasts. The device introduces an “unhackable” Secure Element (SE) chip and other innovative features, setting a new standard for crypto mobile phones. The METAVERTU 2 will be available starting October 2023.

At the recent Token2049 Singapore event, renowned luxury smartphone brand VERTU introduced the METAVERTU 2, the successor to the celebrated METAVERTU range. This state-of-the-art smartphone is designed for blockchain and Web3 aficionados, featuring its own decentralized operating system (DOS) with paramount security measures.

The METAVERTU 2 takes security to unprecedented heights with an “unhackable” Secure Element (SE) chip. This SE chip generates bank-level encryption, enabling secure signing, decryption, hardware-based random number generation, and Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZK) capability. The Keybox feature safeguards local private keys within a hardware space isolated from the Android operating system, maximizing security for blockchain private keys.

The device manages Web3 apps through a distinct Decentralized Operating System (DOS), completely separate from the Android system responsible for Web2 applications. It allows seamless switching between the two systems, offering features like system camouflage, data destruction, and end-to-end encrypted communication.

Unparalleled Developer Accessibility

Catering to developers, the METAVERTU 2 supports programmability through open protocols, working in tandem with embedded Hardware ZK and Trusted Oracle Protocol (TOP). This ensures the authenticity of data flow. Developers have access to APIs for most Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) protocols. The I-DID Protocol is a particularly valuable tool for code that counters Sybil Attacks.

Pricing and Availability

The VERTU METAVERTU 2 will hit the market in October 2023. Interested users can reserve the METAVERTU 2 now, with a chance to win a Bitcoin Blind Box. No deposits are required for reservations.

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