TL;DR: NCS has unveiled transformative collaborations with Dell Technologies, Mandiant, Visa, AI Singapore, Assurity Trusted Solutions, Globe Group, and Singapore Institute of Directors. These partnerships aim to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses and governments, enhancing their capabilities in areas such as cybersecurity and Generative AI. The announcement was made at NCS’ inaugural Impact forum, uniting over 1,000 decision makers from across Asia Pacific.

NCS has announced seven significant partnerships with industry leaders such as Dell Technologies, Mandiant, Visa, AI Singapore, Assurity Trusted Solutions, Globe Group, and Singapore Institute of Directors. These collaborations aim to empower enterprises and governments with comprehensive tech solutions, bolstering their capabilities in cybersecurity, Generative AI, and more, to thrive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Enabling Cybersecurity and Generative AI

The digital landscape is facing escalating threats, with potential annual losses due to cyberattacks projected to reach US$10.5 trillion by 2025. In response, NCS has joined forces with Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud, to offer large-scale, intelligence-led cybersecurity solutions. The partnership will focus on areas such as cyber threat intelligence and governance, risk and compliance (GRC), providing end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities.

Eric Hoh, Mandiant’s President for JAPAC, Google Cloud, emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting the importance of safeguarding digital assets and maintaining customer trust.

Empowering AI Development

As AI adoption continues to rise, NCS and Dell Technologies have embarked on a landmark collaboration to deliver secure and localized Generative AI solutions. This partnership aims to empower businesses across Asia Pacific and Japan, facilitating the deployment of AI tools at scale and securely on-premise. Dell will provide cutting-edge full-stack technology, while NCS will offer consultancy and implementation services, jumpstarting enterprises’ Generative AI journey.

Ng Tian Beng, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan Channel, Dell Technologies, expressed excitement about pioneering AI solutions that prioritize data privacy.

Driving Innovation with AISG

NCS and AI Singapore (AISG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly explore and develop Generative AI Technologies and Applied AI Solutions. This partnership leverages AISG’s deep AI capabilities and NCS’ extensive experience in providing technology solutions, cybersecurity, and digital services. The collaboration aims to foster sustainable growth for the industry and strengthen Singapore’s position in the global AI landscape.

Harnessing Data Insights with Visa

NCS subsidiary, DataSpark, has partnered with Visa to provide highly accurate and privacy-centric geospatial mobility data for various industries. This partnership will enable enterprises and governments to leverage mobility data and aggregated transactional data to better understand consumer preferences and create new opportunities.

Enhancing Directorship with SID

NCS and Singapore Institute of Directors (SID) have forged a transformative partnership to create SIDgpt, a Generative AI-powered contextual search engine catering to SID members. By integrating NCS’ advanced Generative AI technologies with SID’s knowledge base, the collaboration aims to enrich SID members’ learning and increase their awareness of directorship matters.

Fortifying Enterprise Capabilities with Globe

NCS and Globe, a leading digital platform in the Philippines, have solidified their collaboration to enhance Globe’s Enterprise architecture and ICT capabilities. This partnership aims to bring transformative benefits to local communities, driving Globe’s digital transformation and improving operational flexibility.

Mr Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, at the inaugural NCS Impact 2023
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