TLDR: The DreameBot L20 Ultra robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for homeowners who want easy and effective floor cleaning. It has strong suction, advanced MopExtend™ technology, and smart obstacle detection. It also operates quietly and can use cleaning solution. Whether you want to make cleaning easier or upgrade your current robot vacuum, the DreameBot L20 Ultra is a great option.

Robot vacuum cleaners have become popular due to our busy schedules and reluctance to do chores. They automate floor cleaning, saving us time and effort. But, how do you choose the right one to buy?

Just half a decade ago, prominent technology brands dominated the vacuum cleaner market. However, smaller brands like Dreame have gained traction in recent years. Not only do their robot vacuum cleaners offer similar functionalities to bigger brands, but they also come with a competitive price tag.

In this article, we review one of Dreame’s latest robot vacuum cleaners, the DreameBot L20 Ultra, and we share our thoughts on the following:

  1. What’s in the box?
  2. What are its functionalities?
  3. How was our experience using the DreameBot L20 Ultra?
  4. Is the DreameBot L20 Ultra for you?

What’s in the box?

The DreameBot L20 Ultra comes with a Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a Base Station, and a Base Station Ramp Extension plate. It includes an accessory box that contains a Side Brush, a Power Cord, a bottle of Cleaning Solution, and two pre-installed Mop Pad Holders with Mop Pads.

Additionally, the Main Brush, Dust Box Filter, and two Dust Bags (one pre-installed and the other stored in a compartment) are also pre-installed. The base station storage bin also contains a Cleaning Tool that is hidden inside.

What can the Dreamebot L20 Ultra do?

The DreameBot L20 Ultra is equipped with tonnes of features that are purposefully added to give home owners a peace of mind.

There are ten key features and I’ll break it down on why they matter to you.

FeaturesWhy they matter
7,000Pa Suction Power: Industry-leading suction force with an adaptable roller brush for effective cleaning of various surfaces and debris types.High suction power ensures effective removal of dirt, dust, and debris from floors and carpets, leaving your home cleaner and healthier. You will benefit from a more thorough cleaning performance.
MopExtend™ Technology: A groundbreaking bionic robotic arm that automatically extends to clean corners, eliminating the need for manual edge cleaning.This technology mimics manual edge cleaning, eliminating the need for you to manually clean corners. It ensures that every nook and cranny in your home is cleaned without extra effort.
Auto Mops Removal: An industry-first feature where L20 Ultra removes its mop pads before vacuuming carpets to prevent wetting or soiling.Automatic mop removal before carpet cleaning prevents carpets from getting wet or dirty. You don’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing wet mop pads, saving time and effort.
CleanGenius™: Incorporates optical dirt detection technology to assess mop cleanliness, rewash heavily soiled mops, and develop optimal cleaning plans based on room and floor materials.Detecting dirt levels and rewashing heavily soiled mop pads ensures a more hygienic cleaning process. You can trust that their floors are truly clean, especially in high-traffic areas.
Advanced Sensing: Utilizes 3D Structured Light, AI Camera, and Auto LED Illumination for precise obstacle avoidance, identifying over 55 obstacle types, and ensuring thorough cleaning in the dark.These technologies enhance obstacle avoidance, preventing the robot from getting stuck and ensuring a thorough cleaning job. You enjoy peace of mind knowing the robot can navigate effectively, even in low-light conditions.
10.5mm Mop-Raising & Liftable Rubber Brush: The industry’s highest mop lifting mechanism to avoid secondary pollution, automatically raising the mop on short-haired carpets.Raising the mop on short-haired carpets prevents carpet damage and keeps floors cleaner. You don’t have to worry about carpets getting wet or tangled with the mop.
Auto Water Refill & Drain: Optional water and sewage module for automatic clean water replacement and sewage disposal, eliminating manual tank refilling.Automating the water refill and drainage process eliminates the need for you to constantly monitor and maintain the robot. It ensures uninterrupted cleaning without manual water tank refilling.
Remote Video Camera + Control: Offers remote monitoring, two-way voice interaction, human figure recognition, and follow features for added convenience and security.Remote monitoring and control provide homeowners with visibility and interaction with their robot, offering peace of mind and the ability to monitor their home when away.
Multi-Functional Base Station: Provides various maintenance functions, including detergent refill, dust collection, water refill & drain, and mop hot air drying, ensuring a hands-free cleaning experience.The base station performs various maintenance tasks, reducing the your involvement in robot care. It ensures the robot is always ready for cleaning, making the cleaning process hassle-free.
Mobile App Control – Convenient Remote Operation: Mobile app control empowers you to effortlessly manage and schedule the robot’s cleaning sessions using your smartphones. You get to schedule a clean, set clean/no-go zones, access its Remote Video Camera to see where it is heading, amongst others. This feature offers flexibility and the ability to control cleaning even when they’re not at home, enhancing convenience and ensuring a cleaner home on their terms.

How was my experience using the Dreamebot L20 Ultra?

So, setting up the DreameBot L20 Ultra was a piece of cake! First off, just slot the robot vacuum cleaner into the base station and download the Dreamehome app to set up your network connection.

I gotta admit, I messed up this part at the beginning, but the manual was actually pretty easy to understand and helped me fix things up super quickly. It would be even cooler if the base station was detected automatically once it’s powered on.

Navigates around stairs

Once you power up the robot vacuum cleaner, it’ll immediately start mapping the area it’s cleaning, depending on how much juice is left in the battery.

DreamBot L20 Ultra Virtual Wall

If you have steps or stairs at home, the advanced sensing feature helps the robot vacuum cleaner to navigate around stairs without any trouble whatsoever. You can even set up a virtual wall to block its path if you need to.

Cleaning noise

One common concern with vacuum cleaners is the noise they produce. Dreame addresses this issue with the DreameBot L20 Ultra, which has a noise level of only 63 dB. For comparison, the normal vacuuming speed of the DreameBot L20 Ultra is lower than a regular vacuum on its lowest suction mode behind closed doors.

This means that you can schedule it to clean early in the morning without jolting everyone out of their bed, thinking a fighter jet is taking off.

That being said, the noise level will increase when you set a higher suction speed or when it detects tougher and stubborn dirt. For my case, the base level of the vacuuming was sufficient to keep my floor clean.

Cleaning solution

DreameBot L20 Ultra Cleaning Solution

While I love the convenience of robot vacuum cleaners, one thing I wish many had was the ability to add cleaning solution for better washing. Most vacuum cleaners I’ve used did not come with this feature, but the DreameBot L20 Ultra does, which is definitely handy. However, please note that it’s always recommended to use their proprietary cleaning solution to prevent corrosion or damage.

Is the DreameBot L20 Ultra for you?

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the DreameBot L20 Ultra. Its matte black coating with a touch of gold adds a classy and elegant look to the vacuum cleaner. Even when not in use, it blends perfectly into its surroundings, making for a good art piece.

DreamBot L20 Ultra Dust bag

What’s more, the base station that automatically refills cleaning water, extracts dirty water, and dispenses dirt into the dust bag is a godsend. It alleviates the need for me to do it myself every time I send it out to clean.

I highly recommend the DreameBot L20 Ultra to all homeowners if you have not had one yet. If you stay in a double-storey home, consider getting this as your second.

The DreameBot L20 Ultra retails at $1,799. But from 9 Sept to 11 Sept, you can stand to enjoy a GRAND LAUNCH price of S$1,499 (Apply Shopee Voucher Code: DREATCH) and get a free Dreame Hair Gleam hairdryer worth S$165!

Key technical specifications

DimensionsRobot Vacuum Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 10.4 cm
Base Station Dimensions: 60.7 x 42.6 x 49.9 cm
Dust Bag Capacity: 3.2L (Up to 75 days)
Auto Mop Lifting: 10.5mm
StorageClean / Used Water Tank Capacity: 4.5L / 4.0L
BatteryBattery Capacity: 6,400 mAh (Fast Charging)
Battery Life: 260 mins (Vacuuming/Mopping in Quiet Mode)
180 mins of Vacuuming/Mopping in Quiet Mode
AI Assistance SupportAmazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Siri Support
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